A half-full glass and FRIES!!!

Wed 9/7/2005

I'm zipping back and forth to school every day now, so I've started READING a lot again (on the Subway). Mostly I've just been digging through my massive pile of traded zines and minicomics from this year's Portland Zine Symposium. And while reading through them I've realized a strange thing... I think I'm actually pretty HAPPY these days. (?!)

One zine I got was all about this guy who was unemployed and just COULDN'T find a job in Portland. Another was by this girl who was really sad and lonely and depressed. And I got a couple of zines filled with sad poetry or comics about breaking up with people. ETC. ETC. ETC. And with each of them, I could really RELATE to those people, but instead of feeling "that's ME too" I felt much more like, "That sucks, I used to feel like that, but not any more!" It's as though I'm much more STABLE than I've been in a long while. I guess maybe it's just being back in School? Or having some idea of a direction I want to take my life...

I've also read/seen some optimistic stories lately and instead of taking my sometimes "BAH HUMBUG" attitude, I've been thinking, "Yeah! Life can be okay! Things might work out alright."

ANYWAYS, on top of all these good feelings, I made FRENCH FRIES tonight (FROM SCRATCH!!!) I still need to work on the baking time and temperature, but for a first shot they were pretty rad. The seasoning was equal parts salt, pepper and GARLIC. On my next trip to the grocercy store, I'm going to invest in a SACK of potatoes. :)

Other quick things: Weezer is going to be on Letterman on Friday night, which hasn't happened since I was in high school (I think). So I'M definitely going to watch. Also, at the request of the incredible Andy Hentz I have re-uploaded all of my previous 24-hour comics over in the "miscellaneous" section. Let's all wish him luck with HIS 24-hour comic, which should be happening soon!

Lastly, I have been listening so obsessively to the Harry Potter Audiobooks that I think they have officially taken over my life. I mean, I can still get stuff done while I listen (THANK GOD) but all-in-all the series is almost ONE HUNDRED HOURS of audio and I'll be done with it THIS WEEK. And I only started in AUGUST (??!) It's going to be a serious let-down when I'm finished with the series (again) and have to wait for Book 7. Ah well...

Yeah! I'll end it on a DOWNER!!! ;)

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Hey Alec!

Word to you and your significant others. I just wanted to do the occasional stop-in to say, "Your blog rocks." Seriously, I always enjoy my peruse when I remember to swing by. Keep up the good work. I too just had my first week of grad school, so I can relate to the excited/nervous feelings. Shove comics in their face, man. I've even managed to find some people in the LITERATURE department here who are hep to comics. Go figure! Hope you're doing well.

Take care,


Wow Ryan, thanks for the kind words. That's awesome that you are forcing Comics on people out there (in San Diego, right?) I will do the same on this coast! I saw on your site that you are going to The Stumptown Comics Fest. I'm so jealous! I wish I could go... But traveling across the country is expensive... Likewise, we'll miss you at SPX!

Anyways, thanks for dropping by and saying "hi"!

Alec Sep08

i think a google on 'spiral bound' sent me your way (:)> peep! ...i didn't make the connection at first and then i realized that i'd met you twice before when i saw your light saber photo in front of pratt :-)) [once at MOCCA via mistaken identity cross with bwana spoons and then again at the book signing for 'spiral bound' at grny]... your blog is chock full 'o' goodness and i am so very fascinated with the dvorak zine and left-handed letters!!! i'm in the middle of moving house at the moment, but when i settle onto my new nest, would you like to exchange a left-handed letter???

stephanie Sep08

Hey, great sketch. Also it is very good to be happy, that is wher it is at. I really liked the Colors 24 hour comic, gonna have to go and read the other ones now too.

Thanks David!

Stephanie, my address is listed at the top of my main page. If you write me a left-handed letter, I'll write you one back!

Alec Sep09

ALEC WHAT IS UP. My name is Ricky Sahlin, we spoke a couple times back when we were both going to Oberlin college. I am glad to see you are reading the Don Rosa McDuck book, I was buying that shit as it was being published serially. Disney Ducks are essential to understanding R. Crumb because both are too good for a responsible person to ignore but embarassing for one to be caught reading in public. Hey I hope you are good, I am visiting NY a lot b/c I want to live there so maybe we can hang out. Stay not insane.

Brian Rick Sahlin Sep12

Hey "Rick" (sorry--old habits die hard!) Yeah, I have the back issues of the "Life and Times" series too. My only gripe with the new trade paperback is that they didn't include the GIANT 12 part map of duckburg from the back covers. That should have been a pull-out poster! Ah well...

As far as it being EMBARASSING--Pff! I read it with pride on the subways! (R. Crumb too!) There's nothing to be ashamed about reading good comics. :)

Alec Sep12

Holy Poop!

Alec! You're nominated for an Ignatz Award!!! I just got an announcement in my email! That is beyond awesome! Congrads, man!!!

Keep rockin' it!

Ryan Claytor

yeah, i saw that too! frickin awesome, alec! congratulations!

nate Sep13

Yes!!! Congratulations Alec!

How are winners selected? If I can vote on it, I'll vote for you a million times. From now on you will be officially refered to as "Ignatz Nominated Alec Longstreth"!

greg Sep13

!!!!!!!!!?! OH MY GOD! How did this happen? Don't you have to SUBMIT your comic??? (Because I didn't!) But I'm SO EXCITED!

If memory serves Greg, everyone that attends SPX gets a ballot and then everyone VOTES! Man... I gotta start printing up some minicomics!

Alec Sep13

hOORAY!! I can't wait to stuff that ballot box!

Aaron Renier Sep13

If I remember right, Chris Staros sends out ballots to everybody he knows. I just wrote to see if I can get a few extra here if he does indeed send em out (he sends out all sorts of other ballots, so I assume he does, plus there are a lot of Top Shelf titles on there..)

Just out of curiousity, Aaron, was Spiral-Bound just put out too late to make it on there? I assume so, it's for the last year, right?

nate Sep13

Never mind, ya have to be an SPX attendee to vote.

nate Sep13

Yeah, these are for Comics released in 2004, so Spiral-Bound won't be nominated for OUTSTANDING GRAPHIC NOVEL and OUTSTANDING ARTIST until next year!

Alec Sep13

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