Oh Autumn

Fri 9/30/2005

I've been hiding from my friends this week and trying to get caught up on HOMEWORK and SLEEP. I even FINALLY got to work on Basewood again, after an almost two-week hiatus (yikes!)

I'm kind of bummed, I have to go away AGAIN this weekend. That'll mean more craziness when I get back. Oh well, it's for a good cause (my cousin is getting married!) But after that I'm going to stay put for a while... Try to settle back into the routine...

People in the Portland area should remember to go to the Stumptown Comics Fest this weekend. I'm SO JEALOUS I can't go, I know it's going to be REALLY amazing this year, plus all my friends are going to be there! Also, 7pm on Friday night Aaron will be having a book signing at Reading Frenzy that you don't want to miss!

HEY--I forgot to mention, AUTUMN has finally arrived in New York!!! There are just a few brave leaves starting to fall here and there but it's officially cold enough that I put my shorts away (HURRAH!!!) and I've worn my hoodie a few times. It's usually too hot for it if I'm walking around, but then I need it when I'm sitting still in class. Also it has rained FOR REAL a few times off and on over the last few days. I can't tell you how happy this makes me.

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Just wanted to let you know that I get your blog now over in California. You should work hamsters into one of your comics to commemorate our hamster-world from 3rd grade or whenever the hell that was.

chad Sep30

Glad to hear the blog is coming in loud and clear in California... It's too bad we don't have a scan of that hamster "drawing" (Chad and I taped together something like FIFTY sheets of paper in 3rd grade and drew a GIGANTIC, insanely detailed tunnel system which hamsters lived, worked and played).

Alec Sep30

That picture is pretty cute, I wish that leaves changed colors in Savannah.

Happy Birthday!!!! I hope you are having a wonderful day and that your 26th (?) year is your best yet!

greg Oct04

Yeah, I went to the comics fest. And it was good. Except for one little detail. I picked up one of your comics at the zine symposium, liked it, and assumed "hey, I bet this guy'll be at the comics fest and I can pick up more of his stuff!" But nooo. Instead I found out from a guy handing out those cute little 'vote longstreth' booklets that you moved away to NY. What gives, man? Oh, well. Thank heavens for the internet!

Justa Oct04

I thought about you all day on your birthday but forgot to tell you. Your present was the fall, I'm glad you liked it. If you're a good little boy, I'll let it last until winter. I love you, brother.

Lindsay Oct06

Aww, thanks Sis! Fall was my favorite present this year. :)

Alec Oct06

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