Wed 10/5/2005

So... I turned 26 yesterday. I had really prepared myself for a pretted mellow (and/or BORING) Birthday. I was going to do homework and errands all day (I don't have classes on Tuesday) and maybe try and take a break at some point and go see a movie with Aaron, who just got back from the Stumptown Comics Fest.

Just before Aaron came to meet me for the movie though, he called me and asked, "Hey you want to go see the Decemberists tonight FOR FREE with BACKSTAGE PASSES???" (???!)

So suddenly my mundane birthday was transformed into an AWESOME evening that I won't soon forget! See, Aaron is good friends with the fantastically talented Carson Ellis from his days in Portland, OR. And Carson is partners with Colin, the lead singer of the Decemberists. HENCE, the free tickets and backstage passes!

I'm ashamed to say I don't own any Decemberists albums (YET), but I knew a bunch of their songs from years of listening to KEXP, Seattle. It was an awesome mix of really beautiful mellow music and stuff that really ROCKED HOUSE. They put on one hell of a show! Being in the "VIP" section was pretty weird, especially when Colin asked the whole crowd to scream and thought the balcony (where we were) wasn't pulling its weight. He shielded his eyes from the lights and said "Well, I didn't invite any of those people up there! They must all be from the 'MUSIC INDUSTRY'... Let's all BOO the balcony!" And they did. LOUDLY.

Anyways, the concert was definitely the hilight of my birthday, but I also really appreciated all the phone calls and emails I got from people wishing me a happy birthday (especially from Courtney, all the way in Eritrea! and my 84? year-old grandmother who sang me the ENTIRE happy birthday song).

Not much else to report. I'm SO excited to be home this weekend. I'm going to do so much drawing and homework and letter-writing and errands and SLEEPING! WOOO!!!

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HAPPY B-DAY ALEC!! I have a True Porn 2 waiting for you as a present!

robyn Oct06

WOO-HOO! Free birthday Comics! I can't wait to see it Robyn!

Alec Oct06

yeah, the decemberists played here a month or two ago...i wasn't familiar with their music, but they put on a damn good show! and by the time they did the song everyone's supposed to scream in, someone had uprooted a gigantuous spherical balloon thing from the back of the audience (it was at the waterfront park) and it was rolling around all over the crowd...it was just like getting attacked by a giant blue whale in a sea of screaming people!

Justa Oct06

woa, happy bday alec!

nate Oct07

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