Hell Has Frozen Over... AGAIN.

Sun 10/9/2005

sigh... I bought a CELL PHONE. FOR THE THIRD TIME (??!)

And I really HATE cell phones! So let me explain how this happened... I moved to New York. And there was a land-line and four people living in the apartment. The bill was $40 a month, split four ways, $10 each (woo! this is how it should be for a stupid PHONE). Since I didn't have a cell phone, I bought an answering machine for the house ($20?) and then the phone broke at some point so I also bought us a new phone ($40?).

Then a few months ago, Ilana was like, "I don't EVER use the landline so I don't want to have to pay for it any more." This was totally fair, because she never DID use the land-line. But then NICH said, "Well, I just got a new cell phone plan, so I'm not going to use it either." And Kelly chimed in with "I don't need to use it either!" So suddenly I had a total COUP on my hands and was paying $40 a month all by myself.

As most of you probably know, most "cheap" cell phone plans nowadays are also $40 a month. So now it was basically a war of the wills (and/or my TOTAL STUBBORNESS). I thought, "I should probably just get a cell phone, but I just spent this money on a new phone and answering machine, so I'll wait it out. If something happens that HINTS that I should get a cell phone, I'll just bite the bullet and do it."

Then this week a few things happened all at once: 1) My calling card ran out (no more long distance!) 2) I got five "can Michael Bloomberg count on your vote?" phone calls all on one day and 3) My $40 phone bill showed up. So... I ordered a cell phone. I guess it makes sense...

No more calling cards, I'll have long distance, the phone was free and has a camera on it, so I don't have to buy a digital camera (which I've been thinking I could really use--even if it's a crappy one), it costs the SAME as the land-line, plus we're FINALLY getting rid of Cable (which I never watched) so that bill will disappear...

But UGH! A CELL PHONE! This is somehow much more depressing than in L.A. and Sydney when I bought cell phones. For those situations I really NEEDED the phone, so employers could call me when I didn't have a permanent phone number. But now? I'm just getting one as my REGULAR PHONE! Ah well, as my Mom said, "The cell phone is only as evil and obnoxious as the person who's using it." So maybe it'll be okay. Or maybe I'll just leave it in my apartment... Brain tumors here I come!!!

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So, can Michael Bloomberg count on your vote? I didn't even know that mayoral elections were this year. Who's running against him? Give us the scoop.

greg Oct09

Does your cell phone have Tetris?

greg Oct09

Dude! I hate cell phones too! From the teacher's perspective . . . just make sure you turn it off during class . . . nothing drives me crazy more than the cell phones that ring, vibrate, beep, blip, or make some noise during class! . . . But anyway . . . can I have your number . . . call me on my celly!

tom Oct09

I don't have the infernal machine yet (it's on its way) so I don't know if it has Tetris on it or not. Hopefully NOT, since the added time distraction would increase its EVIL quotent by a factor of TEN!

And since all my financial aid stuff has me registered at Pratt as a Washington State resident, I'm still registered to vote in Washington (they needed my absentee vote more than New York did!) plus I still have my Washington drivers license. As a result I've really not been keeping up on the local politics (hangs head in shame).

Yeah, it is THE most obnoxious thing on earth when someone's cell phone goes off in class. On days when I'll be going to class and then coming home again I will probably just LEAVE the cell phone at home. People should prepare themselves to get my voicemail A LOT!

P.S. I'm going to send out one of those obnoxious mass emails with the new cell number. sigh SEE WHAT I'VE BECOME???

Alec Oct09

Welcome to the dark side.

I'm hoping that I can count on you to not use a novelty ringtone. Novelty ringtones were invented by Satan specifically to irritate me.

Laura Oct09

I disagree with Laura. Just do a google search for "Star Wars ringtones" and imagine the possibilities.

greg Oct09

The "ring tone" on my cell phone in L.A. was three very small, quiet blips. Half the time I didn't even realize it had gone off, which was fine by me.

Although the idea of a Star Wars ringtone is hillarious (which one would I chose? The Main Theme? The Imperial March?? Duel of the Fates???) I don't think I could handle it ACTUALLY going off in front of other people. Answering my phone would be like, "YES. I LOVE STAR WARS, DEAL WITH IT. Hello?"

Alec Oct10

I absolutely agree with Laura . . . a low quiet buuuuuzzzzzz . . . buuuuuzzzzzzzz . . . buuuuzzzzz . . . while students are taking a test is bad enough . . . but when I hear, "My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard . . . " I go crazy!

tom Oct10

But if it was Darth Vader's theme, wouldn't you HAVE to give them extra credit??? ;)

Alec Oct10

Cell phones can be really useful, too, you know. For example, if you go to a convention and you get separated from your friends in the dealer's room and can't find them because there's like 10,000 people there... What? I'm not a nerd, I swear.

Mindy Oct10

I'm not even kidding, the phone arrived today with a piece of paper in the box that reads:

FREE exclusive STAR WARS pre-loaded bonus material. Package includes:

  • C-3PO voice ringtone
  • TIE fighter sound effect
  • Graphics of Darth Maul and the original Star Wars cast
  • Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith game demo
  • Video clip

I guess it was MEANT TO BE?

Alec Oct12

that is just way too coincidental!!!

how would you explain this???
a.) the dark side has targeted you and is trying to draw you into the ranks of their evil minions...
b.) the more positive, cup half-full perspective: the world is just resonating synergistically with your state of being... you and the world are celebrating your existence :-))

looking forward to receiving your comics soon :-)) i left a note for the post-monster to ring me, as i found a sodden mess of an upgrade cd sent from work today laying on the floor of our ante-hallway!!!

stephanie Oct12

I chose option A... but I'll resist!

I packed your Comics in a stiff cardboard "envelope" so hopefully they will make it to you untarnished, despite the efforts of your mailcarrier. Fingers crossed!

Alec Oct12

How hillarious is this? I turned the phone on for the first time today and there is already a "desktop" image of Han, Chewie, Luke and Leia on HOTH. And the ringtone is set to the sound of a TIE fighter flying through space and then being shot at by the Millenium Falcon. And I set it so when Aaron calls, C3PO says, "But SIR! The possibility of successfully navigating an asteroid field is 3,720 to 1!" So I get to answer the phone "Never tell me the odds!" :)

I mean, I probably wouldn't have BOUGHT this stuff, but it's pretty cool that the phone I ordered randomly came with all of this stuff PRE-LOADED. I have TOTALLY joined the dark side!

Alec Oct13

You don't have to do this to impress me.

Aaron Nov10

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