Mon 10/31/2005

I was kind of sad all day today, so as a break (even though I probably shouldn't have) I went to a movie really late tonight by myself. It was such a dark, clear night for some reason. Walking back to the subway after the movie I could plainly see Orion and Cassiopeia and even the North Star. I know for most people that's not much, but here in the middle of New York City it's pretty rare to be able to see that many stars. I think it would be sad to grow up here and never really get to see the stars. Or maybe it would just make it that much more powerful when you REALLY saw them for the first time...

Lindsay is in town and we're going to spend all day together tomorrow, which is going to be really great. She is one of my all-time favorite people on Earth.

I guess that's all I really wanted to say.

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Did the movie help? You should have gone trick-or-treating! Candy!

greg Nov01

I think it did... Or at least I felt better when I walked out than I did when I went in.

I got candy at the theater because it was Halloween, even though it was outrageously expensive. (A movie in New York costs $10.75 right now, and a bag of M&Ms was almost $4.00 !?!)

Alec Nov01

In New Jersey the lack of stars is pretty much the same as in NYC, so I never actually realized what a crazy crowded place the night sky is until I spent a month in rural Maine. And let me tell you, the first night that I looked up I was completely blown away. So I think you're right, it does make it way more powerful when you finally get to see it like it really is.

Laura Nov01


You rock the damn house. I just read your entire "The Schedule" page linked from your previous blog entry "The Center For Cartoon Studies." Man, I've always considered myself a REALLY SLOW artist as well, and to be honest, have been extraordinarily reluctant to pinpoint an accurate hour-count for my pages.

But reading over "The Schedule" and hearing your proclamation of, "I TAKE 80 HOURS PER PAGE!!!" ...well, it made me think a couple of things. First, I kinda gave myself a swift kick in the gluteus for being such a baby about my page-rate. Secondly, I recognized (a little more tangibly) the importance of knowing one‚??s true work-pace. And finally, for me ‚??The Schedule‚?? was the light bulb to understand the key to actualizing one's own POTENTIAL work pace. ‚?¶and takin‚?? TAKE YOUR COMICS PRODUCTION TO THE NEXT LEVEL!!! (Can you tell I'm jazzed over here?) :)

Anyhow, you know me, I like to drop you the occasional line of thanks for the heap-load of inspiration I suck out of your bloggity-blog whenever I find time to look it over. Keep up everything you're doing, my man. ...and I'll be looking forward to the February release of Basewood.

Take real good care, Alec!


Wow thanks Ryan! I'm so glad you got something out of my Schedule RANT. It seems like it's helping some people get some more drawing done which is a good feeling. The world can use some more good Comics (like yours!) Hopefully it'll help with your grad school work. :)


Alec Nov01

I really like that Photoshop/font project. Those pieces are cool! The cows vs farmer illustration is pretty funny. Go Cows!

greg Nov03

I agree about your latest gaggle of Art School pieces -- nice work!

Hey, Alec, do you want me to turn on comments for the illustrations? I can't remember if we talked about that.

And can I donate a scanner to you? It might be a bit bulkier, but good lord that Canon is horrible. You might as well get good scans of your art if you're going to go through the trouble. And you can find em cheap at the Goodwill -- I always see my Epson Perfection 1200U and think of getting another, but never have a reason. (fully OSX compatible btw)

nate Nov08

Thanks Nate! I think I'll leave illustration comments off for now... Instead I'll try to do a better job of including LINKS for comments about specific illustrations.

Also, I think I'm going to ask for a digital camera for Xmas, so I can just take a nice photo of color stuff instead of trying to scan it (Less photoshop work too--no threading things together). I appreciate your offer for a better scanner, the problem is I don't have the SPACE for a big one and this little guy, although SUPER CRAPPY for color, does B&W just fine!

Alec Nov08

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