Aloha Lindsay

Thu 11/17/2005

Lindsay left on Monday, which was pretty sad. It was really nice having her here in New York for a few days. As I have said many times before, she is one of my all-time favorite people EVER. Lindsay is one of those people who can make ANYONE laugh and just sort of puts everyone at ease.

It's funny though because when we were both at Oberlin we barely ever saw each other. Lindsay was basically the first REAL person I met at Oberlin, on my first day, while waiting in line to register for school. And throughout our time in Ohio we often lived in the same dorm or had classes together but somehow we would still never see each other. And then once every TWO WEEKS or something we would run into each other or end up in the same place and talk and hang out and it would be really great. Lindsay pointed out that we probably spent more time together on this trip than we did in all four years at Oberlin!

It was just awesome to have a friend around that I could HANG OUT with. It seems like in New York since there is SO MUCH stuff to do, when you get together with your friends you have to DO SOMETHING. So it was really great to be able to JUST hang out, talk, go for walks, write letters, watch movies, do errands, etc. with a friend. The only downside to all of this was that it made me FULLY realize how fucking busy I am right now.


When I am by myself, I am really busy, but I don't notice because I don't really have TIME to notice--because I'm busy! But having a friend here from out of town made me realize how I have really spread my work out into every corner of my life. At one point I said to Lindsay, "Yeah! I don't have classes on Tuesday so we can hang out ALL DAY!" But then when Tuesday arrived, I realized that I usually do HOMEWORK all day Tuesday because I have THREE classes Wednesday that I have to get ready for. As a result, a lot of my "free" time with her was spent being very distracted and upset that I wasn't working on my homework. (Sorry Lindsay!)

Anyways, it was great having her here. It had been too long since I had seen her (she's been in Japan for TWO YEARS) so hopefully our future visits will be more frequent!

I'm finally getting caught up with all of my work, which feels really good, especially since there are only FOUR MORE WEEKS of classes this semester. The other awesome things on the horizon are:

1) THANKSGIVING (Kelly and Stephanie are already planning their MASSIVE vegitarian Thanksgiving Day meal which will be eaten by ME and a bunch of our friends. WOO!)

2) HARRY POTTER AND THE GOBLET OF FIRE! A big group of us are going opening night which is going to be AWESOME. About half our group had to drop out because of various complications, so we had to scramble to find replacements, but we DID--and we still mananged to keep the group "HARDCORE" (people who've read the books). Wands at the ready?

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I am in Oberlin right now, in the new science library, and I just felt two, hot tears stream down my face for you, for this. *sigh*

L Nov18

Only TWO LOUSY TEARS??? Naw, I'm just kidding. Don't cry! We'll see eachother again soon. Say hi to Oberlin for me (or burn the science library to the GROUND for me...)

Alec Nov18

hey now . . . I did lots of very good work in the science library! I loved that place . . . maybe it's not the old Oberlin, but we physics major appreciated it . . .

tom Nov19

My only experience with the new science library was the goddamn construction for it waking me up EVERY morning for an entire year. Then they finished it right after I LEFT. F that!

Alec Nov19

Oh man, that fucking science library! I lived in Barrows in the fall of 99, and they tore down all the trees on the south side of North Quad during fall break, so when we got back it was just this horrible, gaping hole next to our building. I know that's not the science building's fault, but I still can't forgive it.

Laura Nov19

EXACTLY! Thank you Laura, that's exactly what I'm talking about.

Alec Nov19

I still love the science building . . . plus their vending machines were the best!!

tom Nov19

Aaron Nov26

Auugghhh! CREEPY! I guess if I ever sign up for MySpace, I won't have to make an icon for myself!

Alec Nov26

Why'd you erase all the following comments? Do I AGAIN have to DEFEND myself that I only posted that picture to Myspace, so I could post it HERE!!????!!!

Aaron Dec01

HUHHH??? I didn't erase the comments! Something must have happened to the database... Argh! Sorry Aaron and Dave and Greg and others who made comments... I'll try to figure it out and get the comments back


Alec Dec01

Well, there's an option to "Backup Database" in my admin (this saves a copy on the server, and then gives a link to download it yerself). Although I just tried it and it wasn't working, it is now.. I'd recommend doing that every so often, and I can put the db back where it was with the file you save to your computer.

It sounds like it's up to the host to recover where the db was at.. which is unlikely, unfortunately. I've had this happen on Microcosm, which was a frickin nightmare (we lost months of work).

Sorry! Computers suck! Keep drawing!

nate Dec01

Oh no, that means the comment I posted about the meaning of life is lost forever. It answered all the big questions!

It also included several sure fire pick up lines that would guarantee you success with all the coolest girls. It's all gone now.

greg Dec02

AUGGGGH! No Clutch! I NEED those lines! *sigh* Yeah, my webhosting company is reconfiguring everything so the site keeps bouncing back and forth between old archives. Sorry for the confusion! Hopefully it'll settle down in a few more days...

Alec Dec03

If you want those pickup lines that Greig wrote... I know them by heart. I taught Greig EVERYTHING he knows. E V E R Y T H I N G. Like kissing. I taught him how to do that cool thing with his toungue. He's my little Daniel-san.

Aaron Dec03

Is that the one where you catch the fly with your tongue? ;)

Alec Dec03

you don't need pick up lines, Alec, you've got a beard!

liiiiiizzzzz prrrriiinnnccceee Dec04

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