Aaron Renier!

Wed 7/6/2005

Well, Aaron arrived late last night--a day ahead of schedule! He gave me a call when he got in to Brooklyn and I immediately hopped on a train to go see him. Beluga (his dog--DUH!) handled the cross-country trip really well and seemed to be doing a great job of adjusting to his new surroundings. I got to meet Aaron's roommate Nathan and check out their awesome living space. There are super-high ceilings, lots of space, nice windows and an AWESOME view from the roof of their building (you can see the Chrysler building AND the Empire State building off in the distance, plus parts of 2 or 3 bridges!)

It was late when I left my apartment, like 10pm? And it took an hour to get there door-to-door. Then Aaron and I stayed up REALLY LATE catching up on old times and then brainstorming about top secret Comics projects! (Shhhh!!!) I think we went to sleep at like 3am. Unfortunately, I woke up when it got light (as I often do), so I only got a few hours of sleep and then I had to crawl off to work where I was tired all day.

It's COOL though! Aaron's here! We can like HANG OUT and DRAW and play with his DOG! Color me excited. So anyways, LOOK OUT NEW YORK! Aaron Renier's on the scene and he's looking for trouble! (and/or WORK).

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Just wanted to say that I thought this illustration looked very cool, keep doing them with your blogs. Also I can't wait for Spiralbound to come out, hope to pick up my copy at SPX. Sweet.

Thanks David. I agree that the blog is probably a whole lot more fun to read when I include pictures, so I'll try to keep them coming!

And I can personally say that SPIRAL BOUND is one of the most amazing Comics I have ever read and you will totally love it. I know Aaron will be at SPX so start saving your pennies now!

Alec Aug11

It definitely makes it more enjoyable to read.. but lordy what a pain in the arse to draw and color an illustration for every journal entry. I try to do the same, but it's a lot of work keeping up with it.

nate Aug11

I hear you Nate. I've actually got the "crappy" ones (with the brush pen, hastily colored in Photoshop) down to about a half-hour of work including drawing, scanning and coloring it. This one was special though, as it was a card that I watercolor painted for Aaron when he moved to New York.

Alec Aug11

Everyone go to Aaron's book signing on the 27th at the Giant Robot Store!!

437 E. 9th Street, in East Village

Go say hi, pick up a copy of Spiralbound, and draw a comic with him.

Michelle Aug18

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