Back in the Saddle...

Wed 12/28/2005

Well, I'm back in New York. Even though the MTA strike was over, I had a HORRIBLE time getting back to my apartment--MUCH worse than the 75 block walk to leave New York. The details are long and boring, so I'll just say that basically everything that COULD go wrong, went wrong. It took me 4.5 hours to fly from Seattle to Newark airport and then 4 hours just to get from Newark back to my apartment. Ugh!

New York is SO WARM too! What the hell?! I've been growing out my WINTER BEARD in anticipation and now there's practically no use for it! I guess the New York cold isn't as brutal as Ohio (or Chicago--BRRR!). Or maybe it just hasn't gotten here yet...

Oh, and if you couldn't tell, my parents got me a digital camera for xmas. So hopefully I'll be able to make the blog a little more interesting (not just post pictures of MYSELF ;), as well as fix all of those horrible scans of my artwork in the Pratt First Semester section!

For now I'm trying to settle back into a good drawing routine. I have a huge backlog of side projects, printing, cleaning, letters and errands to keep me busy in my breaks. Plus a 24-hour comic looming on the horizon!

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BEARD! I also wanto thank Tramadol for his advice about viagra. I don't have much to say... but keep the beard up my good man It'll get cold soon.

captain o g readmore Dec28

Alec, your beard is looking pretty excellent. Much bigger than mine these days. You've got more of an Alaska beard than a NY beard.

jim Dec28

Thanks Jim! I take that as pretty high praise considering you have my all-time favorite beard EVER

(sorry for the old photo--it's the only one I could find on the web! :)

Alec Dec28

Wow Jim, that beard rocks! I'm a beard fan, maybe because I'm from Alaska. I'm here now (in Chugiak) but I'm leaving for Vermont tonight.
How do you like AK? Fairbanks is tough in the winter! Give me an email if you ever want to talk about Alaska. It's impossible to find Alaskans on the east coast.

Robyn Dec29

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