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Tue 1/10/2006

I don't have much to report, except that I am still alive AND KICKING ASS. In the last two weeks (not including the day I did the 24-hour comic, and a day of rest before that) I have drawn Comics for 106 hours (so far), averaging 8 hours a day. In that time I have completed SIX PAGES of Basewood, which is pretty insane, considering my previous pace of a page every MONTH or so during school.

Partly, I think it's because the end of this chapter is pretty simple (a few characters, talking in the woods, with basically no backgrounds). But also there is a sort of INERTIA that builds up when I can just sit and work "The Schedule" and focus on my Comics day after day. It feels really good. I CANNOT wait to have it done and get it out to everybody. That will feel amazing, after working on it for A YEAR AND A HALF.

The only down side to all of this is that I feel like a TOTAL ROBOT. I'm so exhausted that I usually spend my breaks taking naps, walking around the block like an old man or just zoning out. At one point I spent a whole day without leaving the apartment and then I realized as I lay down to sleep that I hadn't seen or spoken to a single other person all day.

Ah well, I spent a whole semester seeing and speaking to LOTS of people, while Basewood lay neglected! So if I can just stick it out for a few more days it'll be all wrapped up. As a goal/reward, Aaron and I are going to head up to Boston this weekend to visit Liz and Kevin. Then it's back to school!

P.S. While inking the image above I started getting a weird feeling... Then I realized that I had totally RIPPED OFF Nate's much funnier, more elaborate drawing. They say forgery is the highest form of flattery (or something like that). Sorry Nate!

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this is very exciting... i envy your work ethic like no other. i had a month off and could barely keep up with simple routines.

i can't wait to see chapter 2!

jp Jan10

Ha, that's hilarious -- I immediately noticed the similarity. But you beat me to the punch! Pow!

Uhm.. sadly, of course, I am not only a robot, I'm a robot interfacing with a COMPUTER, instead of a drawing board. However you appear to be further along in your robot transformation than me.

I'm scared to say that I often find myself working inside for an entire day. But it's winter, right? It's UGLY outside here in Portland -- torrential downpour comes to mind. A lot.

Nate Jan10

Yeah, Nate, you are more of a cyborg than a robot (uh...right?)

I wish I could say the same about New York being miserable. If it was snowing and freezing outside, it would be a lot easier to stay inside all day. But for SOME REASON (cough global warming cough) yesterday it was 60 degrees and clear outside. It's been like friggin SPRING in New York! In JANUARY? WTF???

Alec Jan10

I have been noticing each time I check back at your site the end of this chapter of Basewood coming closer and closer. It is pretty exciting, and I cannot wait to see what is in store!

FART! I didn't finish Basewood Chapter Two yet. I really underestimated how much work the last page entailed (SOOO much work!)

Ah well, I'm off to Boston anyways. It's going to be really nice to have a break and get out of the city for a bit. And I'll still have a day and a half when I get back to wrap up Basewood before school starts.

Thanks to everyone who helped root me on!

Alec Jan13

You are the Daniel Boone of indie comics. Or maybe... the Lewis and Clark? Anyway... you're trudging on ahead paving the way for people without a sound work ethic... maybe you're Sacagawea. The helpful native girl.

Aaron Jan13

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