End One Chapter, Begin Another...

Tue 1/17/2006

BASEWOOD CHAPTER TWO IS DONE!!! (about time!) I've still got the end papers to finish before PHASE 7 #006 is complete, but those should go pretty quickly. All in all, it took about one year and five months to draw this chapter of Basewood. And somehow, I managed to do A QUARTER of the book in the last TWO WEEKS (???!) So that feels pretty good.

The plan now is to finish the end papers, read the comic a few times for proofreading, make corrections and touch-ups, SCAN all 36 of the 18" x 24" pages (ugh!), lay out the comic, hunt all over New York for a good (read: CHEAP) printer, get them printed, mail them out to the P7 subscribers and then make them available on this site. I suspect it'll be February by the time anyone is holding the book, so hang in there...

TOMORROW though, I have to wake up at 7am to GO BACK TO SCHOOL. (oh yeah... SCHOOL!) Here are my classes for this semester:

  • Airbrush Techniques (???!)
  • Photography (!!!)
  • Figure Drawing II
  • General Drawing II
  • Painting II
  • Illustration II
  • Interactive Media (?)
  • Rendering (?)

There are some REALLY exciting things in there and I already know I have some great teachers, so I think it's going to be an awesome semester. I'm really looking forward to being able to focus on my schoolwork without feeling guilty about neglecting Basewood! (WHICH IS DONE!) Okay, I better go to sleep... but more later!

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Congrats, Alec! Way to go. Can't wait to read it.

jim Jan17

Alec, talk to Jon Lewis. I believe there is a cheap copy place on the west side somewhere called King Copies. I think they're pretty good.

robyn Jan19

I want my copy of Phase 7 by February 7th, that would be the best birthday present!

I'll do my best David, but I can't promise anything... If I can get it to the printer next week it should only take a week or so to print them up, right? We'll see how it goes...

Alec Jan19

Don't worry, I think I can wait a couple more days if need be.

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