Sat 2/4/2006

Hi everyone. I just finished this drawing and I feel pretty good about it. I've been feeling pretty good about LOTS of stuff lately, it seems. I've been listening to really great music, watching awesome old movies, reading really interesting books and rad comics. School is totally awesome this semester, especially my photography class, which requires me to shoot a roll of film each week--which basically means that my HOMEWORK is to wander around New York City and find amazing things to take pictures of. I'm on top of my homework and making time for some illustration side projects, which are fun. I built (and filled) a database for my Phase 7 subscribers, which feels really good. I'm getting my comic book back from the printer next week and I have seen the proof, which looks pretty great. LIFE IS SO RAD.

So I guess this means that things are about to go horribly wrong, or SPRING is on its way... I just have to make sure I don't get hit by a cab or something in the next few days--I want to send out my comic book to everyone!

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yay for basewood!!!

your photography homework sounds like heaven (:)> peep! one of my favorite photography blogs is ... he has an incredible way of capturing serenity in the everyday chaotic hum of nyc...

stephanie Feb04

Hi ALec

Was this "drawing" of you a project for class? Tell me about it.
Very nice.

WAM Feb05

Thanks WAM! Actually, it wasn't for class, it's a thank-you painting for another illustrator who gave me a very nice drawing. (Sorry, I can't say who--it's kind of on the "down-low"-- you can see the blurred out thank-you in the bottom right!)

I feel like it's a "breakthrough" piece for me though. I really enjoyed playing with the inked lines vs. the watercolored lines (in the thought bubble and "air guitar") I feel like it's a method I will try to incorporate into a lot of my illustration work from now on!

Alec Feb05

Hey, is it something in the air? I feel good about life, art, job too. I'm actually on schedule with my comics and I'm pretty happy with them. So I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop. Will things take a turn for worse, or will 2006 be our year?
Alec, I'm not sure if I'm on your official subscription list. Can I be? I will send you Hey 4-Eyes! #2, natch. Send an extra copy for the CCS Library?

Robyn Feb05

2006 is THE year for Comics! I think a lot of great stuff is going to come out this year...

And no worries, you are on the comp list for P7 #006 (trade for H4E #2? SWEET!) I'm also sending a comp to James S, so I can easily throw in an extra copy for the library!

Alec Feb05

The thought balloon air guitar is probably the best idea I've ever seen. Way to ROCK \m/

Liz Feb05

Life in 2006 is definitely pretty damn sweet. I'm psyched to see that you are reading Bill Peet, one of my all-time underrated faves. He wrote an incredible illustrated autobiography some years back that is well worth reading. He is an incredibly influential artist, particularly in regards to the look of a whole string of Disney movies; The Sword In the Stone is the one that comes most directly to mind. He also wrote a great book about a pig that had a birthmark of the ...well, the globe, on his torso and who then became famous and didn't get turned into bacon. Or ham. There was also a book about a sea monster.

Andy! YES!!! When you told me of Bill Peet last year, I rushed right out to the kids book store up the street, but alas, I was flat broke, and the store owner didn't take too kindly to me reading her books right there in the store. I got through two of them and was blown away by Peet's drawing style before being asked very kindly to buy something or LEAVE.

I went to the library, but alas, the childrens book section at the NYPL had been THOUROUGHLY "worked over" by the little ones and it was utterly impossible to look something up, let alone find a Bill Peet book!

Then last night, Aaron and I were eating dinner right across the street from that same bookstore. I asked him, "Have you ever heard of Bill Peet?" We headed over after dinner, and by selecting a book each to purchase, we were able to fend off the hovering owner. We had a chance to look through all of his books (which are truly AMAZING!)

Then last night, I found the excellent site which was set up by his SON and is a WEALTH of information about this very talented illustrator!

THEN, I found a used copy of his 200 page, fully illustrated autobiography on HARDCOVER for only $1.85! It should get here today or tomorrow and I'm SO excited to read it over!

So thanks for the suggestion and the subsequent inspiration!!!

Alec Feb06

Awesome! I'd forgotten telling you about Bill Peet! I might have to go on Amazon and get me a copy of that book--for $1.85 they're practically paying you to read it.

Andy Feb06

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