Wed 2/8/2006

My cell phone started vibrating in my pocket this afternoon, during my interactive media class. I took note that it was ringing (I was EXPECTING a very important call), but ignored it. Then, by luck, we got out of class an hour early at 5pm, which was HYPER-rad. Upon leaving the classroom, I immediately checked my messages and confirmed my suspicions... PHASE 7 #006 WAS AT THE PRINTERS!!!

I got out of Pratt and called Aaron, who, like the the world's MOST AMAZING friend that he is, DROPPED what he was doing and IMMEDIATELY hopped on the subway to meet me at the printers. I ran across town and got there fifteen minutes before closing, wrote them a check and then Aaron and I lugged three huge (HEAVY) boxes of Comics all the way across town and back up to 107th street (via feet, bus and subway).

As I type this, I have 318 copies of Phase 7 #006 sitting to my right, all of which have been signed and are ready to be sent out. It is JUST about the best feeling in the whole world. :)

So it's going to be a long night of envelope stuffing, address checking, and database work, etc. etc. Then tomorrow in the early morning I will make my triumphant march up to the post office to mail out Phase 7 #006! HURRAH!!!

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CONGRATS!!! those boxes look awesome! can't wait to seeeee it!

jp Feb08

I'm excited to start throwing up the "Phase 7" hand sign to comic thugs on the street. Oh, werd!

L Feb09


Matt Feb09

Yeah LNS, the new P7 gang sign is going to really make "the rounds" at my next Comics show. ; )

Alec Feb09

AHHHHHHHHHHHH! Can't wait! Must draw faster! Must keep up with Venerable Longstreth!

nate Feb09

Superb! Looking forward to reading it Alec!

Cam Chesney Feb09

NICE! Plus I love the "Absolute Science" painting! Would that be inappropriate to hang in a high school science classroom??

Tom Feb09

Way to go Alec! Looking forward to reading it!

Laura Feb11

Yo yo yo!

Got my copy of P7 006 today! I have a poop-ton of grad reading tonight, but totally indulged myself w/ the latest P7 read. (How could I not, really.) Just wanted to write to say, awesome job, Alec. There are a lot of "Wow" panels in here. I can tell there was a lot of meticulous, time-consuming, work done on this issue. The story is moving along quite nicely too. My night is brighter because of it.

Take care, Alec!

Ryan :)

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