Thu 10/21/2004

Well, it seems like a long time since I've updated my website, so here goes nothing....

First of all, for about the last two weeks I have been TOTALLY OBSESSED with "My So Called Life" which is hillarious not only because it is a TEEN DRAMA, but also because I don't even watch TV anymore and actually DETEST it. But flatmate Kelly has the boxed DVD set and for a while there I could NOT stop watching it. Luckily there are only about 20 episodes.... It had this weird after-effect though, where I am suddenly feeling very nostalgic about anything that was produced during my adolescence. The Blue Album has never sounded so good and I've also been listening to stuff like "The Bends", "Whip Smart" and NIRVANA. (YEAH!)

The other thing I have been obsessed with lately is This American Life. I have pretty much settled back into my drawing routine, so I have been listening to this show while I draw. It is totally archived on their website, so you can hear some of the best episodes from years past. My friends Aaron and Nate have been drawing to these for years, but I'm only just now catching on. It is so great to hear amazing, insightful stories while you draw! Ira Glass is a stand-up guy.

I'm only able to draw for 3 or 4 hours a day though, because I'm temping full time at this new company, QRS. I'm not even kidding, it is BARCODE CENTRAL. There are even PAINTINGS of barcodes on the walls. It's totally depressing. Basically I sit at a computer all day, shifting numbers around, and that helps a bunch of CRAP make its way to retail stores all over the country. I am officially part of the problem. I think the only plus from this, is that it will motivate me to get a REAL job that I DON'T hate.

The BIG news though, is that THE EPISODE III TEASER TRAILER IS COMING OUT ON NOV. 5th!!!! It'll be running with the previews before "The Incredibles" so YOU SHOULD GO. I'm getting SUPER excited about "The Revenge of the Sith"!!!

Lastly, I got the new Jimmy Eat World album on Tuesday. "Futures" it's called. I've been thinking of all kinds of mean, spiteful things to say about it, but now that I'm sitting here typing this, I don't really want to say any of them. I tried hard not to hate it, but the album sucks. The BAND sucks. It makes me sad, because I used to love them SO MUCH. It seems to be this theme in my life right now that I'm learning about bands, love and friendships. Each of those relationships can be so incredible and intense and meaningful and when they ARE, it's hard to let go of that intensity. Or to forget it, I guess. Each time a new album comes out and it's worse than it used to be and you connect to it less, it hurts. It seems like the best bands are the ones that can improve by growing and changing (The Beatles, Radiohead) Or the ones that just break up after they create the most amazing thing together (Neutral Milk Hotel). But this holding on, hoping for things to sound like they were, it never works... You listen to them now and you just feel betrayed.

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