Valentine's Day

Tue 2/14/2006

Well, I thought I'd just take a quick moment to give my annual rant about how much I hate Valentine's Day. (Although I must admit, these Star Wars valentines that Greg sent me gave me a few laughs).

Valentine's Day seems especially weird when I stop to think that probably only a QUARTER of my friends are actually IN relationships. The best Valentine's Day I ever had was on a plane, flying to Australia. We crossed the international date line, thus cutting my Valentine's Day short by about 22 hours.

The one GOOD thing about Valentine's Day is that in 1992, that was the day Weezer had its very first band practice! So happy 14th birthday Weezer!!!

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I had the urge to push kissing couples in front of trains today. I had SO many opportunities. Love was in the air.... bah

erin reiner Feb15

valentine's day--- bleccchhh!!!
i've been in a relationship for 10+ years now [(:)> <(:)=] and a year hasn't gone by when we haven't acknowledged what a awful, cheesy 'holiday' it is...

the image of the commercialized heart isn't even anatomically correct and probably just designed like this for ease of marketing / mass production so that they could pump consumers full of useless merchandise at minimal production costs to themselves...

bah humbug!!!

stephanie Feb15

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