Thu 3/30/2006

Well, for whatever reason, I shaved my beard off tonight. (!!????!!!)

I used to do this all the time in college, whenever I felt like a change, but recently I've just left my beard on. With each passing year I think of myself more and more as "A bearded person." I think it's been three years since I last shaved it off(?!) I figure I am allowed to take it off and on until I have a KID. At that point I think you are officially no longer allowed to change your facial hair. I totally want to be a Dad with a beard. That would be rad.

For now it's kind of fun though, just to freak everyone out and to have the experience of exposed skin on my face instead of HAIR. It was worth it tonight just to feel the shower water splash against my face, or the cold of the freezer, or the Spring breeze coming in through my window.

Of course I also cut the shit out of my face trying to shave it tonight which was pretty unpleasant. (I haven't done it in a LONG time, but I also only have about three years of shaving experience, age 15-18, when you really boil it down). I'm sure I'll start growing my beard again in a couple of days. About half way through shaving my face tonight (after I clippered the whole thing) I was thinking, "Man! Shaving is such a pain in the ass! I'll never be able to do this every morning!"

And so to my bearded brethren I say, "I'm sorry! I'll grow it back soon!"

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Bullshit, that's photo shopped. You don't have facial skin.

-Matt Mar31

Thank God. Now lose the glasses.

Mom Mar31

Mom, I'm afraid at this point, the glasses will be around until I need REAL ones!

Alec Mar31

AAAAAHHHHH!!!!! NOOOOO!!!! Who are you? I don't even know you anymore! I've never seen your chin before! Can't deal!
Lose the glasses and I'm not speaking to you again.

Robyn Mar31

Heh. Stud.

dude. you look like a dad from a john hughes 80s movie.


jonathan Apr02

whoa, I don't think I would recognize you if I passed you on the street... until I noticed that there are no frames in those glasses. then it'd be high fives all around.

Liz Apr04

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