March Madness

Fri 3/31/2006

As previously mentioned I spent this last month corresponding with Greg (aka Clutch McBastard) every day, in an effort to increase our mutual Comics output.

For me, it was not such a big deal, as I draw Comics every day anyways. It was just a matter of trying to get a little more than usual done and sharing that progress with Greg. I ended up scripting all of PHASE 7 #010 (42 pages), and some of Basewood Chapter 3 (11 pages), as well as completing three full color pages for my upcoming Creative Skin submission and some other various freelance Comics work.

Greg on the other hand, not only had to adjust to drawing comics every day but also had a TON of distribution work to do! March was an EXTREMELY busy month for his amazing Tugboat Press. It saw the publication of Best Zine Ever #4, Papercutter #2 (both edited by Greg) and the upcoming "Assassin & The Whiner" collection by Carrie McNinch. In spite of all this Greg got a TREMENDOUS ammount of work done. After eight pages of his original "24 random words for a 24 page comic" idea Greg shifted gears and got back to work on his super-awesome autobiograhpical comic series, Clutch. Over these past four weeks he drew almost SIXTY PAGES for Clutch #16 (!!!?!).

Of course we were also joined in this endeavor by Nate, Jonathan, Wade and eventually by Robyn too!

Participation was a little spotty here and there as most of us cartoonists are SUPER BUSY with multiple side-projects, work and "LIFE" (pffff). But I think everyone involved definitely got a lot more done than they would have without the experiment and it was really cool to see what everyone was working on and to hear about the trials and tribulations of trying to find enough time to draw each day.

All the same, I'm kind of glad it's over! It's hard enough to be personally responsible to YOURSELF for drawing Comics every day, but it's even harder when you feel like you have five other people counting on your progress for inspiration and guidance! Anyways, we all survived!

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"Life" (pffff)- INDEED

Thanks, Alec! I really looked forward to your email every day. And I knew if I slacked, I'd have you to reckon with!
I think the biggest benefit of this exercise was it made me think about my progress everyday. Usually I feel like I'm getting nowhere slowly, but if I take a closer look, I realize I am making small steps.
Clutch, you are a marathon man! Can't wait to read the new Papercutter and the new autobio!

Robyn Apr01

i owe you a debt of gratitude, alec-san. we'll send you a copy of the new mini as thanks...

jonathan Apr02

Awesome Jonathan--I can't wait to see it in print--the scans you sent looked really great. Your stuff just keeps getting better and better...

Alec Apr02

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