Beard Update

Mon 4/10/2006

Just so everyone knows...

  • 3/30 - I shaved off my beard for aforementioned reasons
  • 3/31 - I woke up and shaved, which I did not enjoy
  • 4/1 - I woke up and started growing my beard back

I mean, let's face it (PUN INTENDED) I am a guy with a beard. When I was a kid, I remember looking at my Dad (who has a mustache) and thinking, "I'll never grow facial hair, because that would mean I'm a GROWN UP." But now I think, "What's more grown up? Letting your face do whatever it's going to do and being carefree and not thinking about it? Or having a constant daily battle with your face???"

The shaving, the pimples, having a face like 60 grit sandpaper--it's just all not worth it for me. Plus it's weird to be just like every other clean-cut guy in New York (blech!) I like having a beard. I mean, it was good to let my face see the light of day for the first time in three years, but all it really did was strengthen my resolve to stay bearded in the future. Facial hair--YEAH!!!

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Alec, now that you're committed to facial hair, I think you ought to consider putting it to good use. Like winning competitions.

cep Apr10

HA HA HA!!! Thanks Charlotte! That link is GREAT. Man...I'm way out of my league! :)

Alec Apr10

I want a WBMC beer mug!

WAM Apr10

OK . . . but some of us don't have the full amount of beard that you do so its the choice between having to shave what we do have or look like a fool with a patchy beard. I tried the patchy beard thing last week and my students gave me hell all week long!

tom Apr10

Tom, don't listen those punks. You RULE THE SCHOOL for attempting the patchy beard!!! Maybe you can work it into your Faculty Halloween costume this year... You gotta go for the hat trick! (Tom has won "Best Faculty Costume" the last TWO YEARS IN A ROW, if you didn't know)

Alec Apr10

I definitely have the patchyness going on, or otherwise the "invisible" beard. I haven't shaved in a couple weeks and I think I have about a third as much facial hair as you have in that picture, Alec.

I am moving in June, so I'm going to see if it looks like anything close to resembling a beard by then ... I'll keep you updated!

Beardless alec makes me think of rivers cuomo signing his guitar. bearded alec makes me think of alec in old-school-boxer pose. both make me happy. please don't ever do the Mr. T again though.

P.S. I posted! whee!
P.P.S I'm being told to post an obnoxious comment. suck it.

frunch Apr12

FRUNCH!!!! I just read through Your Stanford Webpage... Jesus Christ man! Your HEAD is going to explode with all them smarts in there!

Alec Apr12

David- Yeah, I saw a picture of you over on Drew's blog... You haven't shaved in a couple of weeks??? You gotta post a CLOSE-UP in June so we can see how it's going... (although I must say having a beard in Georgia in June sounds pretty unpleasant!)

Alec Apr13

Confound it, okay. This actually sucks kinda ... I just shaved today, it was a painful long process. And then afterwards I check my email and find out that the new TMBG tour (I have a ticket for May 4 Savannah show) is called BEARDO 2006, and they say "STOP SHAVING!" I can't win, anyway I am clean shaven now.

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