Almost there... STAY ON TARGET!!!

Sun 4/30/2006

Just another non-post to say that I'm heading into my very last week of school, which is going to be total hell. I painted for six hours straight today. I feel like my eyes are going to roll out of my head. My back is killing me, my wrist hurts like hell and my KNEES even hurt (?!) Plus I've had a headache for like a WEEK (I keep forgetting to EAT) But I'm going to make it. One by one my classes will fall away and be forgotten. Each day lightening the load on my shoulders until I will be FREE!

So I guess I just wanted to say that people should check the Front Page and the Illustration section this week. I should be posting finished projects almost every day, some of which I think people are really going to dig!

Okay, wish me luck...

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school sounds fun!

nate May01


Today is FREE comic day.

WAM May06

Thanks WADE!!! For the past FOUR YEARS I have forgotten or missed Free Comic Book Day. But thanks to your timely reminder, I was able to scoot on down to Jim Hanley's Universe and pick up some free Comics before closing. Thanks for the reminder!

Alec May06

sure Alec

I felt guilty grabbing all those comics at my comic shop. I enjoyed Drawn & Quarterly's Mr, Jean. Haven' t had time to read the others yet.

WAM May07

Your mailer illustration turned out great, Alec! I am sure you well get a lot of good feedback from that.

Also, I don't know if I mentioned it but I started doing a daily sketch/ journal comic on my livejournal:

I am in my third week now, hopefully I will keep it up.

Thanks David! Your sketch/journal comic looks like a lot of fun. I'm jealous! I've been working so hard on P7 #010 lately, that I'm completely out of touch with my sketchbook. :(

You make Savannah seem like a really nice place by the way. Working, walking around running into friends, hanging out with all your cartoonist pals. Keep it up!

Alec May08

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