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Sun 5/14/2006

Man, it's been kind of a crazy week....

Friday I went to Art School Confidential with a bunch of fellow Art School students, which was pretty weird. Dan Clowes even went to Pratt, so there were a few times where the jokes hit pretty close to home. :P

Saturday I went to a really cool sound performance at the Diapason Gallery which my friend Jim programmed. (People should check it out! It's up every Saturday from 6-midnight for the rest of May!)

Sunday I slept all day, trying to get over being sick (to no avail!)

Monday I had my last two classes.

Tuesday I went out to Queens to meet up with Charlie (of Indie Spinner Rack fame!) who gave me a FREE BIKE (!!!?!) We also had a great lunch and I got to see his new art studio, which was cool. That night I swung by the year-end, graduating seniors Pratt Show at the Manhattan Center. There was a TON of really great illustration and design work to see. I guess they invite a bunch of Art Directors and company heads to come check out the work, so it was good to see what I'll be up against next year... I ALSO went to AWP the drawing group that I usually miss because I have school the next day. It was really fun to finally be able to go and draw with my friends.

Then Wednesday Aaron and I went to go have lunch with Ezra, who had been in town for almost a WEEK, on some high profile pharmaceutical court case, drawing courtroom graphics (you know--EXHIBIT A and stuff). He had been working like a dog in the same hotel where he was eating and sleeping, so we hadn't gotten a chance to see him yet, but we stole him away for a few hours which was really nice. Then Aaron and I went to a similar year-end show for the SVA Design Students.

Thursday I got a little bit of drawing done.

Friday I met up with my friend Patrick who has been traveling around the country for a few weeks now. We spent the afternoon wandering around the Metropolitan Museum of Art which was really nice. I hadn't seen him in YEARS. Then that night I went to dinner with Kevin who was randomly in town for the weekend, which was super fun. (Except he shaved off his MASSIVE beard, which was kind of sad).

Then Saturday I went to dinner with my art school friends Heidi and Kim for Heidi's birthday.

GEEZ! It seems CRAZY when I type it all out like that. I feel really lucky that I know all these amazingly talented people and that I'm in New York and can go to see all this awesome art and performances and what not. But at the same time I have gotten almost NOTHING done this week! I think it's time to get back to work...

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Jim! Jim with a beard who lived in Alaska for a while! Welcome back to NYC, maybe I'll get to meet you sometime.

I know this is off topic, but I've been having awesome socializing fun too. HARRY AND THE POTTERS played White River Junction and it was sooooo awesome! They hung out at my house and ate pizza and read my comics! I LOVE THEM. I think they're playing in Brooklyn soon.

Now, back to work!

Robyn May17

I'm SUPER JEALOUS that you got to hang out with the guys from Harry and the Potters! That's SO COOL! Kevin is recording their next album (BOOK SIX!) so Aaron and I were trying to ask him about the new songs, but he hasn't read the books so it was a little hard. I can't wait to hear it though. I'll have to dig up the info for that Brooklyn show. Thanks for the tip!

Alec May17

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