Phase 7 #010 Sneak Preview!

Wed 5/31/2006

Anyone who wants to see what I've been working on lately should head over to the Comics section to read the first seven pages of Phase 7 #010!!!

Originally I had intended to have this whole issue done by MoCCA, but since that is only TEN DAYS AWAY, I'm now shooting to have it completed for The Portland Zine Symposium in August.

And...yes. It is #010, not #007 which I'm sure will open a can of worms that I'll have to deal with for the next five years or so... So for those parties interested, read on for a full explanation.

All along, I have billed Phase 7 #005-#009 as Basewood chapters 1-5 respectively. In hindsight, I think this might have been a mistake. Basewood takes a REALLY long time to draw because of the level of detail and the physical size of the pages (18" x 24"). Chapter One took me a year to draw and Chapter Two took a year and a half. I LIKE how Basewood looks though, so I don't want to change the style, or rush it in any way.

BUT. I am currently "sitting" on no less than FOUR FULLY COMPLETED issues of Phase 7, totalling more than 100 pages of Comics. And I don't know about you, but I don't want to wait another three years (or four? or FIVE?) to release that material. So I'm going to "split" the Phase 7 numbering sequence.

#010, which is the NEXT issue of Phase 7 contains the first part of story explaning my personal history with Comics and how I decided to start Phase 7. #011, which will hopefully be out in time for SPX, will be the second part of that story including the history of Phase 7 thus far. At that point I will be ready to start publishing the backlog of unreleased material.

I'm basically doing this so I can work on Basewood without the pressure and distraction of people waiting for the next issue. (And so people don't have to wait YEARS between issues!) So at some point (after #012?) I will release Basewood Chapter 3 which will be Phase 7 #007. Then it'll go back to #013, #014, #015 while I'm working on Chapter 4, which will be #008, etc. Until at some point, probably in like five years, the last chapter of Basewood will come out as Phase 7 #009 and the two threads of numbering will be rejoined.

Pfew! Could anyone actually follow that? I know it's insane, but that's how my brain works. It's a good example of the TOTAL CONTROL of Self-Publishing! :)

Well, there's a lot of cool stuff on the way, so I better get back to the drawing board...

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Issue 10 is looking awesome so far! I can't wait to see the finished product at SPX.

Makes sense to me. You're just sitting on 100 comic pages!!??!!! You are insane, that can't make a very good chair.

That looks terrific Alec. We share a lot of similarities in our initiation into comics appreciation--particularly the Library. I'm very much looking forward to the rest of #010. Cheers.

ok - so I don't think I'm going to "peek". I'm going to make myself wait for the real deal - page 1 to end.
but I want to peek

Stefan Grube Jun01

you know, i didn't get into comics until so much later. it's kind of sad. i only got the second-hand excitement of my older brother's spiderman collection. then i didn't stumble on my devoted artform's good stuff until MUCH later, when i was 24? something like that.

kind of jealous in a weird way.

P7#10 looks great so far alec! love the cover. (hahah.. gawd i just wrote that w/out realizing the irony..)

nate Jun02

HA HA HA! That cracked me up Nate. I'll make sure to rip the cover off before I show it to Brett. :P

Stefan--you are TUFF!

And thanks everyone for the kind words. P7 #010 (or P7X, right Nate?) is sort of a "test run" for a style of storytelling that I'd like to use for a much larger, longer story later on (about me and Star Wars). So I'm hoping people will enjoy this format of Comics.

It's really quick to draw too--I penciled all of these pages while riding the Subway to school and they are taking 2-3 hours to ink. Compared to a Basewood page that's like GREASED LIGHTNING!

Alec Jun02

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