Thu 6/1/2006

A few months ago I spent a whole day "cutting out" and isolating various characters, props, backgrounds and speech bubbles from Phase 7 #004 for use in a new online comics experiment:

The site allows you to create your own comics by using someone else's drawings. You can place the characters anywhere in the panels, scale them, rotate them, flip them and type text into their speech bubbles. It's pretty darn cool.

This was all thought up and put together by Jesse Willmon as his final design project for his masters degree from The School of Visual Arts. I met Jesse through his girlfriend Kirsten who found my blog through Nate. Oh this electronic age!

Anyways, the site will be debuting "for real" at MoCCA, but for now there is a beta version of the site is up and running so people should go play around with it and have some fun! There are a bunch of improvements in the pipeline too, so it'll be a site to watch.

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man. that is so cool!

jp Jun02

wow, that's a cool idea. fun to have various artists' characters battling it out in custom panels.

that's too weird that by internet-entrails, you find this via kirsten, who wrote me oh-so-long ago.. usually the connections via interweb are shortlived and don't really go anywhere, but it's cool to see it actually network people for reals. (hey, you put "for real" in your post! ha!)

(i just discovered via kirsten's site, which is purty damn cool. i am further now "one of them"!)

nate Jun02

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