Handwriting Font!

Sun 6/4/2006

Believe it or not, everything above was typed and spell-checked on my computer. I've wanted to build a hand-writing font for years, but couldn't find a cheap way to do it. Then today I came across Fontifier.com and made my font in about 30 minutes for NINE BUCKS.

If you do it, make sure to bypass their HORRENDOUS suggestion of scanning at 100dpi. Mine was scanned at 600dpi as a TIFF with LZW compression on, which snuck it under their maximum file size restriction. Go nuts!

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That is totally awesome! I've been looking for a way to get a font of my handwriting as well. Thanks for sharing this!

Yes... thanks a ton for this! Very helpful!

In the future, we all will each have our own fonts and then the robots will be all "I want to have MY OWN FONT!"---you know, because they wont have handwriting styles. Then THEY will be all finding programs n' shit that make their palm pilots or forehead pilots or whatever write like this. You know, instead of the "alec" font.

L Jun09

Great job. I would like to use this font in my ppts at class.
How can I get it?
Thanks a lot!

Andres Sep26

Hi Andres, You cannot use this font, because it's my handwriting! But you can make your own by visiting the link above, which takes you to http://www.fontifier.com/

Alec Sep26

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