The Cardboard Man

Mon 6/5/2006

Back in 2001 I built a scale model of myself using cardboard and hot glue. A few years later, I built an obsessively detailed "web documentary" site which documented the entire process of building The Cardboard Man. I took this down when went to v4.0 because of space reasons, but now (armed with megabytes to burn) I'm bringing it back.

Partly because I miss the Cardboard Man (he's currently staying back home on Mercer Island with our family friends, The Engelbergs, in a place of honor, above their front door, sitting on the Cardboard Chair I built). But also because it's probably the coolest thing I ever built or will ever build in my lifetime. It's one of the few things I am extremely proud of.

So anyways, for those of you who never saw him, you can now get an overload of information at the relaunched documentary site of The Cardboard Man!!!

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I remember reading this long ago on your old site being amazed. Thinking to myself: I have met one of the weirdest, most creative, insanely organized humans who just happens to be a prolific cardboard architect.

It's too bad all the photos are so damn small.. and that yoko and john picture is really creepy.

You look so young! How old were you here?

nate Jun05

Ha ha, thanks Nate! I'm surprised I actually had the foresight to take pictures. Unfortunately, they were all scanned at about the same time they were taken, in 2001 (I was 21) back when I didn't know how to use a scanner.

I still have the rolls of film somewhere, but I can't imagine ever having the "free time" to rescan everything. For now it'll have to be part of the "charm." I definitely want to take some better pictures of the CBM when I'm home in August.

As for "prolific" I SCOFF! My second cardboard chair has about 4 layers cut, which have been leaning against my wall for over a year now.. Hopefully it'll be my first non-comics project once I get more space out in Brooklyn!

Alec Jun05

this is just totally amazing!!! i've been peeping pretty quietly lately trying to figure out life-stuff, but this brought out a full burst of birdsong (:)>

maybe you can make the cardboard man a cardboard bird to keep him company :-))

p.s. would you mind if i asked you a little bit about your experiences at pratt / being back in school???

stephanie Jun05

Of course I wouldn't mind! Feel free to send me an email with questions about Pratt, or if you want you can send another letter (maybe right-handed this time! ;)

Alec Jun05

Dude does he have a cardboard home

augie Nov29

The Cardboard Man actually lives with my family friends, The Engelbergs. But if he did have his own house, it would definitely be made out of cardboard!

Alec Nov29

what up cardboard guy so yea peace out fue

azn Dec08

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