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Thu 6/8/2006

Well, even though MoCCA doesn't start until this weekend, a lot of my friends started showing up on Wednesday, just to reconnect and catch up before the show. Mostly I've been hanging out with Greg and Liz, which has been tons of fun!

Greg got in Wednesday morning after a red-eye flight from Portland. We hung out for a bit and then he crashed while I went to go catch up with my good friend Ariel, who was breezing through town on her way to start Grad School in Florida. That night Greg and I got some dinner with Aaron and then we all met up with Liz to go see Kevin play a show out in Brooklyn. It was the kick-off show for his 5-week tour so people should go see Animal Hospital play this summer!!!

Then Thursday morning we all met up at Aaron's place to walk Beluga and get some breakfast. There was minor drama when Aaron almost lost his wallet (PANIC!!!) but Greg found it again at the restaurant (pfew!) Then Aaron had to go to work, so Greg, Liz and I all went to go cross the Brooklyn Bridge! (pictured above).

We only made it about half way because it was raining... (it's been raining a lot lately :) So we went back to my place for shelter and to draw and talk and just kind of take it easy. We made a big dinner together and then headed out to Queens for Liz's Indie Spinner Rack Interview!!! Or as Liz would say, we "rolled three deep" (Greg and I were like her "comics entourage"). Liz's interview was really funny and interesting. I guess it will go up in a few weeks, so keep an eye/ear out for it!

Today we're going to try and relax and rest our feet so that we'll be full of energy tomorrow for the MoCCA COMICS FEST! Everyone who can should come check it out, there is going to be SO MUCH amazing art and minicomics and graphic novels and prints and paintings and zines! WOOOOOO!!!

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i wish i could be there!!! next year! when are you coming up to vermont?

jp Jun10


owen kline Jun10

JP - Aaron and I get to Vermont 6/27 and leave 6/30. We'll be doing some lecturing and exercises for the summer workshops. Are you going to be there???

Alec Jun10

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