Moving is total hell...

Sat 6/17/2006

Well, I knew it was going to suck, and sure enough... moving sucks. On Monday after Greg left, I hit Craigslist like a force of nature. I sent out a TON of emails and within a few hours I had set up multiple appointments for each day of this week, to check out apartments.

Here are some helpful hints I've learned about apartment hunting in New York:

  1. The downloadable PDF version of the MTA map is the greatest thing EVER. Seriously. It has got to be one of the most beautiful maps ever created. Open that puppy up in Adobe Reader, zoom in to 200% and you've suddenly got all of your neighborhoods labeled, major streets and all the subway stops. Mwah!
  2. - HOW did it take me THIS LONG to find this site??? It gives you actual SUBWAY and WALKING directions from point A to point B!!! It works GREAT and is SO useful (Mapquest and Google both give you driving directions which completely USELESS in New York City)

Anyways, I've seen some real dumps this week, as well as a few really nice apartments. I'm still looking at a few more places and keeping my fingers crossed that something will come through... I really need to get it sorted out soon because Gabe arrives tomorrow for a week, my sister Courtney (who is finally back from Eritrea!) and my Mom might come for a quick visit, and Aaron and I are heading up to The Center For Cartoon Studies for a few days to help out with their summer workshops. Ahhhh!

As you might have guessed, I've been pretty stressed out with all of this. It's no fun systematically dismantling my whole life here (see above). Moving always gets me so nostalgic and sad. Anyways, I shouldn't complain. It's a grand adventure. I'm getting to see new parts of New York, meeting new interesting people and (hopefully) improving my quality of life! Like I said, fingers crossed...

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i love your reminder of why you're doing this at eye-level: MORE SPACE ~ FEWER HOUSEMATES (and something tiny under that .. what's it say?)

it's portland only for now (why i'm not sure..), but it looks like Google's putting something together like HopStop:

nate Jun18

Yeah Nate, I keep getting distracted by nice neighborhoods and friendly people. A hell of a lot of good that's going to do me if I'm stuck in the same sized BOX with the same number of people clambering around outside it! (Underneath are my current living conditions: 10' x 10' and 4 housemates total)

Glad to know Google is working on it... (not that it's a surprise... ;) That's hillarious that they only have it for PDX so far... It's probably one of the easiest transit systems, with only a few lines and a TOTAL GRID to work with. Let's hope they figure out NYC soon!

Alec Jun18

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