Found a place!

Mon 6/19/2006

It seems like it was only yesterday I was searching for an apartment... Wait! It WAS only yesterday!!!

I found a really great place in Brooklyn on Sunday and made a snap, on-the-spot decision to go for it. So I wrote a check, got the keys and hopefully I'll be moving in on Wednesday. It's hard to tell from this photo, but this is my new WORKSPACE, which is literally TWICE the size of my current room. And then off to the right is my BEDROOM (yes, I now have TWO rooms!?!) which is the same size as my bedroom now. So for the same ammount of rent I will have THREE times as much space! GO BROOKLYN!!!

My other goal, to live with fewer housemates, has also been achieved. My new flatmate is Eric Trosko, who is a really awesome, laid-back, SUPER TALENTED guy. (Those are his paintings up on the wall!) Plus I'm right on the L train, so getting to school is going to be a SNAP!

Anyways, I will write more about the neighborhood and post more photos once I get moved in, but for now I just wanted to share the good news. It's SUCH a burden off of my shoulders to finally have a place to move!

Updates will probably be coming fast and furious here for the next couple of days, as I try to keep up with the hectic pace of my life this month... NEXT: more houseguests!

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How many rooms izzat?

Owen Kline Jun19

Looks like a room. Nice!

Jeremy Tinder Jun19

You are kidding me.

You found a room - nay, TWO rooms - in the borough you want, on the subway line you want, for the SAME rate you're currently paying, in less than a WEEK? That's like the New York equivalent of finding a unicorn.

Which is to say, way to go!

Laura Jun19

Right on Alec! Congrats. Great find, I'm jealous. It looks to me (if my guess is right) you're not that far (a couple of blocks) from my old East Williamsburg (Bushwick) Apartment on Montrose. Good luck with the move. I'd come by and give ya a hand carting boxes, but I'm dealing with my own moving insanity right now.

Cam Jun20

Aw thanks Cameron! Definitely don't worry about it. You've got more stuff and a much longer distance to move it. My move is nothing compared to yours!

Laura-I might have to start calling this my "unicorn" apartment. :)

Alec Jun20

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