Tue 6/20/2006

Ahh! A brief respite from the MOVING MADNESS, here's a little something "out of left field" as they say...

There used to be a really great minicomic/zine shop on the Lower East Side called Jigsaw, which was run by a fella named Ben Jones. Well, he packed up all his goodies and headed South to Durham, North Carolina, where Jigsaw LIVES AGAIN!

And I guess Ben has been doing a mini Jigsaw TV show... And I guess I somehow ended up in his latest episode... ???! Don't ask me! (But watch it, because it's pretty funny!)

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Hahaha... the best part about that show was at the end... when it says "Alec Longstreth is REAL" Sometimes... in the middle of the night.... I wake up in a cold sweat, and say the EXACT same thing.

acorn reindeer Jun20

I had nothing to do with it.

I sold the business to Kranium, and took a job as his personal chef slash bartender.

It was all Milton's idea, I swear.

Jones Jun21

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