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Sun 6/25/2006

Well, there you have it folks. My new digs. PRETTY MUCH all set up (I still have some stuff in boxes, of course). The move was a little hectic, owing mostly to the fact that I underestimated the amount of CRAP I had and thus had to make TWO trips with the Uhaul van from New York to Brooklyn. Ah well, it's DONE (thanks to Gabe, Aaron and Ajani for their help!!!)

So far I am REALLY liking the space. My new flatmate Eric is totally nice and it is such a relief to have more space to live in. The only real drawback at this point is the lack of internet (I've been coming into Pratt to check my email and update my sites) but I'm working on it and will hopefully figure something out soon. Also there aren't any windows in my space, which I thought might bother me, but it's been fine so far. I sleep REALLY well at night, (in total darkness, which is surprisingly hard to come by in the city) and the desire for sunlight and fresh air is a great excuse to get OUT of the apartment (which I often need!)

Speaking of which... Gabe and I hung out with another Oberlin friend, Ethan (also known as "Eth-dawg") before Gabe took off on Friday, Jackee and I went to the amazing Darwin Exhibit at the Museum of Natural History and last night I went to the OPOLIS opening at the Flux Factory in Queens, which was pretty amazing. Busy busy!

Then, on Tuesday Aaron and I head up to Vermont to help with the summer workshops at The Center For Cartoon Studies, which is going to be a BLAST. I can't wait!

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Agh! No windows? Looks very cool otherwise. Nice use of vertical space, you New Yorker, you.

I'll post some pics of our new digs soon.. it looks like it's about the same size!

Nate Jun25

I might add that the trip to Darwin exhibit is what single-handedly inspired me to go to South America.. (I am so easily swayed!)

Oh, and I've been holding back.... but Alec, I would love to install a fake window in your room! There's a warehouse in Queens that sells old house things for cheap...

jqln Aug19

Jackee, I had forgotten about your suggestion to make a fake window. We should totally do it! You'll have to paint me some sort of landscape though, with trees and stuff. It'd be just like the real thing... I can almost feel the fake breeze now!

Alec Aug20

You should get a humidifier so you can get some fake humidity too.

Acorn Reindeer Aug21

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