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Thu 7/6/2006

I've been feeling a little claustrophobic since getting back from Vermont... All that wide open space and clean air has me slightly down on New York, for the time being. Ah well, there are great things happening here, which I wouldn't be able to experience anywhere else. Like on the night of the 4th, Jackee and I went up on her roof to watch the tail-end of the big NYC fireworks, which were pretty amazing.

Then, the next morning I needed to get some stuff done at the Library... I thought I should check the NY Public Library webpage though, to see if their hours were screwed up because of the holiday. That's when I saw it. Right on the homepage was a big notice that said:


It was 1pm.

I instantly got on the phone and called Aaron, then Kelly. We all met at the Donnell Library (across the street from MoMA) just in time to see the opening band, "Draco and the Malfoys" (!!!?!) The auditorium was totally packed (mostly with 12 year old girls who were FREAKING OUT). This venue is usually probably used for lectures and whatnot, but Harry and the Potters really rocked it to the ground! They were jumping around on stage (and INTO the audience!) and running around, doing sing alongs and leading dance parties with the kids. All totally FREE!

For those of you that don't know, Harry and the Potters are this band that sing songs about, or well... sing songs as Harry Potter (in the first person). If you've read the books, it is just about the coolest thing EVER. But even besides their "novelty" appeal, they put on a REALLY great show. They had so much energy and were ROCKING THE LIBRARY TO ITS VERY FOUNDATION! They bolted out on stage and screamed "DOES EVERYONE HAVE THEIR SUMMER READING LISTS???!" which was met with tumultuos applause.

This was the first show of their cross-country, summer tour so make sure to see them when they come to YOUR library!!!

Anyways, as my Summer plans continue to shift, I'm finding that I actually have quite a bit of free time. Unfortunately, I have a sinking feeling that this Fall will be one of (if not THE) most stressful, busy times of my life, so I'm doing my best to take advantage of this relative "down-time" to catch up on my many projects. (Especially P7 #010 which should be out in early August!) I guess it's back to the drawing board!

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Who's this Stanley guy? You appear to have a fanboy! awwww... ;-)

frunch Jul17

Stanley is one of the many characters from the minicomic "Afrobot's Comix" drawn by Charlie J.

I traded him "Scars" for #3 at this year's MoCCA arts fest. So he's not a "fanboy," he's a PEER!

Alec Jul17

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