Nickelodeon Summer Issue!

Thu 7/13/2006

Just so everyone knows, my first one-panel gag was published in the newest issue of Nickelodeon Magazine.

It might not be worth buying the WHOLE MAGAZINE just for my one gag, but you should at least check it out on the stand! It also a gag by my friend Karen Sneider and an awesome cover for "The Comic Book" by Eleanor Davis!

(and really, with the Johnny Depp cover, how can you resist?)

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Congrats Alec
That's awesome! I'll have to pick up a copy.


WAM Jul13

Awesome! Does this make your comic rated "Arrrrrrr!"

frunch Jul14

Yeah Frunch! I actually heard a new one yesterday from my old boss Alan at the UW...

What's a pirate's favorite website?

(wait for it...)


Alec Jul15

I bought it actually because of Eleanor's beautiful comics cover and then found yours and other people's comics. I thought your stranded island gag was pretty smart, did they send you the theme or how did that work?

I guess the desert island gag is a long-standing joke at Nickelodeon Magazine. I'm not sure how I knew that (I guess Aaron probably told me...) But I had also seen a few from past issues, like Craig's awesome take on it (with the sad stranded man above and then all the sea creatures having a huge party underwater).

I sent them a bunch of different stuff, they take what they like and then wait for it to match with a theme. So there's no telling when my next gag will show up... ;)

Alec Jul18

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Well, the ink is all on the page. I've still got some proofreading and touch-ups to do and then ..
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