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Mon 7/31/2006

Well, I'm back from HOTLANTA. It actually wasn't as bad as I thought. I spent most of my time indoors, in air-conditioned spaces. The wedding was really, really great and I'm so happy for Tom and Sara. It's so nice when great couples get married.

ANYWAYS, I'm back in New York and I'm folding and stapling up a storm! After reading The John Porcellino Interview in The Comics Journal (#241) I decided that I should fold and staple all of my own minicomics (like John does). I like the idea of physically MAKING each minicomic, plus it saves A LOT of money in the printing costs!

It should take me most of today to make and sign the comics (as I bumped up my print run to 500 copies!) but that means I will start mailing them out TOMORROW. SO! If you are a PHASE 7 SUBSCRIBER and you have moved in the last 6 months, PLEASE let me know your current mailing address!!!

The rest of this week will be spent making trips to the post office and printing out back issues to get ready for The Portland Zine Symposium. I will be tabling on August 12th and 13th. So for those of you on the West Coast, I'll see you soon!

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Are the blacks BLACK? Did it come out good? As if I'm not buying a copy anyway...

Matt Jul31

Yes, the blacks are BLACK and the resolution is nice and crisp. The only thing is that the paper stock is a little thin (standard 20 lb. bond paper I think). Ah well, I don't think it will interfere with anyone's reading experience and for the price I got, I can't complain!

I'll make P7X available online as soon as I get back from Seattle (8/22) when I'll actually be able to fill out orders.

Alec Jul31

What's up with the spoon on your desk?

Or am I just graphic-design-challenged and that's actually some incredibly high tech piece of illustration equipment?

Laura Jul31

I also make comics. I live in Brazil and I liked it your work.

You never used a spoon as a bone-folder back in your zine days??? You use it to crease the binding of the comic, to make it nice and "crisp." It especially helps to save your hands/fingers from folding stress with large page counts like P7X which is 48 pages total!

Alec Aug01

Hmmm, that's a good idea - I never did that when I was making zines. Then again, mine were on regular copy paper, so the folding wasn't too much of a hassle. The stapling was a bitch, though!

Laura Aug01

I suspect that all your pen pals will be getting letters on yellow paper for a while.

greg Aug02

Right Greg! Either that, or I need to figure out a project that can use a 8.5" x 14" yellow cover... I have about 300 divider sheets of the yellow paper and then another 200 that are cardstock and already printed on one (or both) sides. ??? You know me, I'll find SOMETHING to use them for!

Alec Aug02

Hey Alec,
I just got my copy of Phase 7 #10 yesterday. As soon as I got it, I read it from cover to cover. I even made my wife drive while we ran errands so I could read in the car. It really took me back to when I first got into reading comics. Thanks!

Chris Aug09

Wow, thanks man! I'm so glad some of it "hit home" for you. I was worried this issue was going to be too self-absorbed. So I'm glad to hear people can connect to it. I hope all is well with you in Idaho!

Alec Aug09

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