It's officially time to focus my CHI

Sat 8/26/2006

I've tried really hard to eliminate most of the SWEARING from my blog (remember how curse-ridden it used to be???) but I gotta say this about my life: Monday, the shit really hits the fan.

From what I've heard, the third semester of my Illustration program is SERIOUSLY intense. I've got NINE CLASSES, each of which lasts three hours. I'm not being all crazy or anything either, that's just how this program is set up. Here are my classes for this semester:

  • Advertising Illustration
  • Editorial Illustration
  • 2D Computer Illustration
  • Illustration III
  • Graphic Design For Illustrators
  • Drawing III
  • Painting III
  • Printmaking
  • Directed Studies (COMICS!!!)

Supposedly a lot of people drop out during this semester because it's too much work... Luckily, I am REALLY excited about all of these classes and I already know that I have some great teachers. Plus I have a directed studies in COMICS!?! That's going to RULE!!!

On top of school, I am starting a huge project on Monday: coloring Aaron Renier's next graphic novel for Scholastic's new comics imprint: GRAPHIX. The book is 158 pages and the pace that Aaron and I want to maintain is 5 pages per week. I am also really excited about THIS project. I want to do a REALLY good job (OBVIOUSLY) because I want Aaron's book to look awesome and because it will be a big step in my "career" that will hopefully lead to more coloring work! (also I'm being PAID well to do it!)

I ALSO have to keep getting work done on Phase 7 #011 so that I can get back to work on BASEWOOD. And I ALSO need to see my girlfriend and hang out with my friends so that I don't go totally insane!!!

So here's how I'm looking at this situation right now: There are 24 hours in each day and 7 days in each week. Which means I have 168 hours to work with for each given week...

Let's assume I can get a nice healthy 8 hours of sleep per night (HA!) That leaves 112 hours. Plus 2 hours a day for eating (?) whittles it down to 98 hours. With lab time, I spend about 30 hours in class each week: 68 hours... Plus a 20 minute commute to and from school each day: 66 hours... Then I'm supposed to do 1 hour of homework for each hour of class time, meaning 30 hours of homework time per week, which takes me down to 36 hours. (In actuality, I spend A LOT more time on homework, but that time can just be deducted from the 8 hours of sleep each night).

I'll work on Phase 7 on the train (scripting/penciling) and in my private study (inking). Socializing can overlap with mealtimes and some of my working time, so that still leaves me 36 hours each week for coloring. And at 5 pages a week, that's 7.2 hours per page. PFFFF! I can TOTALLY do that! (Am I forgetting anything? Time for personal hygiene???)

So anyways, I'm gearing up. It really feels like this is going to be the "next chapter" in my time here in New York. I'm super excited and feeling up to the challenge! Wish me luck!!!

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good luck, homeschool ruben. your chi-focusing drawing literally makes me totally insane.

grizzo Aug28

Of course I'll wish you luck! And I'd also like to say, I saw your coloring job on Aaron's Stumptown Poster, and it looks GREAT! I'm not afraid to tell you guys, it kick's Derek's poster's ass.

Matt Aug28

Your course load sounds completely bananas!

Kala Wright Sep01

Well, since you are in ALL of my classes Kala, I would say OUR course load is completely bananas!!!

Alec Sep01

I followed from the Dvzine site the link to here.
Hey: I really like your blog =D
Mainly because I found the drawings of the zine very funny, I even started learning Dvorak yesterday (it toke me 15 minutes to write this =p)

Your blog is now in my favourites ;)

JMO Dec04

JMO- Thanks, I'm glad you like my blog. Good luck with your Dvorak typing--it will get easier!

Alec Dec05

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