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Wed 10/4/2006

Yeah, it's my birthday today. People older than me will think it's obnoxious, but those of you younger than me know what I'm saying... 27 sounds OLD.

25 seemed like a big deal (A quarter century! Half way through my twenties...) 26 didn't really seem like much at all, but 27? Twenty-seven sounds a hell of a lot like THIRTY to me! It creeps me out more than a little, especially when I can remember being 18 like it was yesterday and it was almost ten years ago now.

But as a "silver lining" I think I found my FIRST gray hair in my beard yesterday (??!) It's right in the corner of my chin, where, according to old photographs, my Father's beard went gray in his early 30s. Man, the thought of a gray beard almost has me PUMPED to get old!

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First of all, happy birthday, although it isn't actually your birthday yet where I live. So technically, you're both 27 AND 26.

Secondly, I started going gray at 24. It's a shock to the system at first, but you get used to it.

Thirdly (if thirdly is a word), one of my best friends here in Tucson is 32 years old. And before I started hanging out with her, the prospect of turning 26 in January freaked me out. But now I realize how similar our lives are, and how young 32 really is, and 26 doesn't seem old AT ALL.

Fourthly, I work at a university and I deal with 19 and 20-year-olds all day, and trust me, we should be SO GLAD that we are closer to 30 than to 20. Seriously.

So be glad! 27! Old enough to live your own life, young enough to enjoy it. Happy birthday!

Laura Oct04

Oh my god... how creepy... i am ALSO turning 27 in exactly ONE WEEK (Oct. 11). I know exactly how you're feeling because I'm feeling the same exact way! My husband's 7 years older than me, though, so he tends to keep me in check when I complain of feeling "old." I also found my first gray hairs recently, but I am kind of psyched to go gray so I can dye my hair Old Lady Purple and no one can give me crap about it!

My definition of when I'll consider myself to be OLD (in capital letters) is whenever I've lived long enough that I wouldn't be really pissed off and disappointed at dying. I would be very disappointed indeed to die at 27. You should be all like "Yeah, bitch! I ain't dead yet! Whooo!"

Also, remember that most cartoonists seem to peak creatively at forty- you have more than a decade before you even reach the best creative years of your entire life! You should be DROOLING to be older!Think of the amazing shit you'll be drawing! The legions of adoring fans, covering the land around you as far as the horizon, like the american buffallo herds before the settlers came!

You should be mildly irritated at not yet being at the best parts of your life!

Oh, and you would look totally awesome with a grey beard. I would believe everything you said, because you'd look so distinguished and knowledgable. Like some hirsute version of Anderson Cooper.

Happy Birthday, Alec!

Matt Oct04

Hey- happy birthday!

When I turn Four-Oh next month, I'll let you know about old, sonny.

In the meantime - think of your exuberance and enthusiasm - traits that make you very young at heart!

Bruce Oct04

Happy Birthday Alec. First of all, this 37 year old has to tell you that I am amazed at all you have accomplished in a relatively short time. You are still a youngster in my mind, so don't waste your time worrying about getting older (save that for when you're approaching 40) Why don't you celebrate by having a Bizzaro-Alec day. Draw comics for only 5 minutes, then go out and get drunk (or your nearest equivalent) with your buddies, and appreciate the fact that you're in your 20's. Have a good one.

Cam Oct04

Wow, thank you so much everyone for your awesome, thoughtful comments. With all of your encouragement, I'm actually feeling pretty good about this whole "27" thing... :) Thanks!!!

Alec Oct05

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