Wed 10/25/2006

No fair! :( I wanna be in Portland! Well, for those of you that don't know, here is a picture of my sister hugging my best friend, and yes, they are both in beautiful Portland Orgeon in the Multinomah Public Library where Aaron gave a talk last night.

Cartoonists from all over the country are flocking to Portland this week for the Stumptown Comics Fest which I am unable to attend, due to school, work and my past two missed weekends to Vermont and SPX. Ah well... you can't have everything! It's going to be really great though, so people in the area should go check it out!

And one of the books I would recommend picking up is Kazimir Strezpek's The Mourning Star. I've read it a few times now, and I gotta say, this comic book really hits home for me. The characters, the dialogue, the sense of adventure, the way the fight scenes are broken down... it somehow evokes everything I love from Star Wars and old Eastman & Laird TMNT comics and it's all in this beautifully packaged, amazingly drawn comic. I only hope this is the first of something like 16 volumes!

Anyways, I survived my midterms week, which was a bit hellish with a few extremely long nights. The Harry Potter audiobooks really helped me get through it though. So much so, that I decided to sign up for an Audible.com account. I'm basically trading it in for my Netflix account, which I finally canceled. I just don't have time to be watching movies this semester. Audiobooks however, I can listen to while I'm working! It really helps keep my hands moving, having an engaging story to listen to, though I'm sure I will be hard pressed to find any readers as good as Jim Dale.

Ah well, back to work!

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that audible.com thing looks sweet! i think i'm gonna sign up!! thanks man!

jp Oct25

I also loved the Mourning Star. I voted it for best debut at SPX and i wrote "yes yes YES!" next to his name on the ballat

Yeah, me too Sean! I was hoping Kaz would walk away with the brick, but I guess with that many entries (40 or something?) the votes get spread pretty thin... Ah well, maybe it will win Best Graphic Novel NEXT year! ;)

Alec Oct26

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