Late to bed, Early to rise...

Wed 11/1/2006

I didn't get much sleep last night. The problem was two-fold...

1) In the last 78 days I have scripted 47 pages, the cover and the back cover of PHASE 7 #011. At this point I am VERY close to being done which is really exciting for me. Mostly I am scripting while riding the subway to and from school, but last night I decided to try and get a few more panels in before going to sleep.

BAD IDEA. I lost track of time and then was sorely tempted to just stay up all night and finish it off. Instead, I tried to go to sleep, but couldn't! My mind was racing, thinking of Comics! Scripting is definitely my favorite part of the process, when you have to mentally organize all of the information and figure out how it is going to be sequenced on the page. Anyways, a lesson learned--no scripting before sleep!

2) Pang. Pang. Pang. Pang.

This was the sound that woke me after only four hours of sleep. I grogily turned on my light and tried to figure out what was going on. It was WATER, dripping down from the ceiling onto a metal shelf that holds my clothes. "Hmmmm..."

I put a wash rag under the "leak" and tried to fall back asleep. It reminded me of that old Donald Duck cartoon where the leaky faucet keeps him up all night. About an hour into the dripping, the tempo increase by a factor of FOUR. A trickle of water started pouring down the wall and onto my floor. "UGH!"

I pulled everything away from the wall and put a towel down for the trickle and a pot for the dripping. I was reluctant to wake Eric, as he has had the flu for the last three days and he needed his rest. Finally, at 7:30 I woke him up and got the number for the landlord.

Turns out the apartment above broke their water main (or something?) and they were having plumbers come anyways, they just didn't tell US! (the apartment below). Anyways, I crossed my fingers and headed off to school. I was relieved to get home a few minutes ago and NOT find a huge puddle in my room. I am so excited to go to sleep tonight!!!

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