Mon 11/20/2006

The teaser trailer for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is FINALLY online!!!

To say that I am pumped about this movie is an UNDERSTATEMENT. Order of the Phoenix was totally my favorite book so far (I know, I know, no one agrees with me, but I don't care) so I am SUPER excited to see it as a movie.

I've started checking MuggleNet.com quite a bit, though not as obsessively as my starwars.com days. There is some talk that Book 7 might come out this summer too... Could they possibly do that to us???? The LAST book AND the 5th movie??? I think I could handle that, but it would be a summer to remember!

Also, while I am on the topic, I've been listening to a lot of Harry and the Potters lately. That band totally RULES!!! Not only are their songs totally brilliant, hillarious, positive and heartfelt, they put on one of the best live shows I've ever seen, plus they are TOTALLY independant! It's like they are musical self-publishers!

I'm working on a CD-cover for their album "Voldemort Can't Stop the Rock" for one of my Illustration classes. I bought it, along with their other two full lengths for only $33! (Support independant media!!!)


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Funny, I'm listening to Power of Love right now! Just got it in the mail from the Potter boys (trade for Hey, 4-Eyes! #2 - hope to interview for #3.)

I like the HP stuff ok, and that picture from the trailer is pretty hot. But I'm not super-duper psyched... Maybe it's all a glasses thing.

robyn Nov21

Do you listen to Pottercast from the-leaky-cauldron.org? I get it through iTunes, and its usually good for a laugh and interesting tidbits. This week they discuss the trailer...

Cam Nov22

I haven't hit up any of the HP podcasts yet... I'm almost scared to! ;) Maybe after book 7 comes out and there's nothing left I'll have to dive in to get my Potter fix!

Alec Nov23

Wow, I'm surprised cause I thought you'd be all over that scene. Pottercast does a really great job. The personalities that put it together do a terrific job, are very entertaining themselves, and they get great guests. Great listening for the drawing board...

Cam Nov23

Well i really enjoyed all the books.I hated reading and when i was about 8 i read harry potter and the sorces stone,then carried on to read the rest.they really helped me to open my imagnition and it it help me to get more interrested in other books.I will still also love hp the best.I love the movies and have already got ticktes to go see the 5th one,and i already ordered the 7th book.

edward Jul08

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