Through the worst of it (?)

Wed 12/6/2006

For four of my NINE classes, all my work is done and all that remains is to show up and defend my work on the final class. I still have a bunch of massive projects to finish up, but I am feeling pretty good right now, like I WILL be able to get everything done (pfew!)

I only had one class today and it was in the afternoon, AND it was just going to be a work period, so the pressure was really OFF last night! When I got home from class yesterday I took a "nap" for like FOUR HOURS. I was worried that it would mean I'd be up all night, but to my surprise I was fast asleep again by midnight and slept until NOON (something I have not been able to do since I was a teenager). Granted, my bedroom does not receive any natural light, so it is easy to "conk out" (as I call it) but still! I guess there have been plenty of long nights this semester, so I'm trying not to give myself too hard a time about it. I guess I'm just catching up on sleep...

Anyways, I'm getting close! As each course finishes I can almost feel a huge pressure lift off my shoulders. It's going to be great to have this semester behind me, it sounds like the next one will be the best semester yet!

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Haha, great!
It feels really good, as you said, to have this kind of things behind one (always that they are not preparing a sneak attack =P)

Good luck!

JMO Dec07

When defending your work, remember that many common art school tools can be turned into deadly weapons. A few suggestions:

-Pencils and pens can of course be stabbing or throwing weapons

-the central pole of a metal easel can be used a a powerful striking weapon to fend off multiple attackers

-charcoal can be easialy crushed and thrown into your opponent's eyes to momentarily disable them

We're all pulling for you Alec, have a great finish to your Semester!

Matt Dec07

HA HA HA--Thanks Matt! I'll keep those tips in mind. I might need to use some of them!

Alec Dec07

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