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Fri 12/8/2006

When I woke up this morning it was 19 degrees and WINDY outside. Finally! It has been unusually warm in New York for the last... three months? (Global warming? GLOBAL WARMING) Which has been really weird. For weeks it has been colder back home in SEATTLE than it has been out here! ?!

It's actually been kind of funny. There is this whole section of (rich) people here who obviously buy new clothes for each season, trying to keep up with the latest fashions or whatever. But really, until today, Winter clothes have not been necessary in New York. But people really WANT to wear their new fancy winter coats and hats and scarves and boots and what-not. It's just been funny walking around in my hoodie, passing these stylish folk all bundled up on a 60 degree day, sweating through their new winter coat.

I really associate the cold with being away from home. Seattle is usually 50 degrees and raining for most of the year. We had a couple of cold winters growing up, but it was never more than a week or two of snow, if that. Then when I left home I went straight to OHIO (right off of Lake Erie with no hills to block the wind!) It just feels very "East Coast" to me to get frozen to the bone, no matter what you are wearing.

Whatever, I prefer the cold over the heat! At least if you are cold, you can bundle up. Sweating it out is no fun...

Anyways, I made it through this hellish last week of normal classes. I've still got some big projects to kill off this weekend, but seven days from today I will be a free man!

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Hey, I'll have you know I wore my winter coat through that warm weather spell as a protest again the unseasonably warm weather! For some reason I thought I could change the weather via sheer force of will. I like to think it worked.

:) Mother nature was like, "Wait! Liz is wearing her winter coat, I better get going with this cold weather stuff!"

Alec Dec09

it was 19 degrees and WINDY outside. Finally!

What? You're NUTS. It's been freakin COLD here in Portland, along with incessant rain, and I'll take the ubiquitous coastal 50 degrees any day over these extremes, ESPECIALLY the cold. (Though, I could do without the rain, hint hint GOD -- if yr listening to Liz's winter coat, please hear me on Alec's blog)

Anyway, glad to see the global warming spell has passed over New York and things are back to normal.

I can't believe yr art school experience is almost over. Too weird. It felt to me like you'd be there forever.

(And hey, remind me to code a "preview comment" functionality to yr site... ha!)

nate Dec09

Nate - Somehow I doubt God is reading my Blog! :P

Also, don't forget I've got a whole 'nother semester after this one! I don't finish FINISH until May 2007. I'm just trying to wrap up this hellish semester. It should be smooth sailing after this!

Alec Dec09

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