Fri 12/15/2006

Well, believe it or not, I am DONE with this hellish semester! WAHOO!!! I knew pretty much from the get-go that the third semester of this program would be the hardest and it feels really good to finally have it behind me!

Nine classes was a lot to handle... not to mention the coloring work, Phase 7 duties and freelance illustration I managed to squeeze into my schedule. Next semester I will only have 7 classes, which I'm hoping will allow me to do MORE freelance work, so I can HOPEFULLY "hit the ground running" after graduation in May.

I guess I'm a little proud of my productivity, though my father pointed out that it was largely possible because of other sacrifices in my life (namely my non-existant social life and recently failed relationship). It's all well and good for getting work done, but it's no way to live one's life... I will have to strive for a better balance once I'm out of school again...

Anyways, for NOW I am looking forward to a couple of days catching up on my sleep, cleaning my room, doing laundry, eating regular meals, finishing up the various Christmas gifts I'm making (as well as Top-Secret Phase 7 stuff...), reading some zines, playing some Jedi Knight II, drawing some Comics, chipping away at my countless other projects and then getting ready to go HOME for almost two weeks!

So yeah. Thanks to everyone who was rooting for me and sent me emails and stuff! Your support was really appreciated and helped me get through this last rough stretch. Let's hope the next one is smoother sailing!

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And I quite agree with your dad- you don't want to end up like a certain other cartoonist whose gung-ho beliefs about productivity over personal relationships seems festered over the years into a complex one man religion in which all social and sexual distractions were deemed theologically uneccesary, creativity-sucking black holes to be avoided by the productive and the pious.

Although I can't really picture you explaining to Liz one day how her ass was made my Yoo-Whoo for spanking by males.

Point is: social balance= good! And congratulations again!

Matt Dec16

nine classes?...
holy shit...i took 18 units the last semester of my undergrad and that almost permanently ground me into a fine powder...
nine classes...jeez!...

jason Dec16

dude! Eragon... what a disappointment!

jp Dec19

Oh my god, yeah. I could write a whole blog entry about how awful that movie was. I mean I thought the book was pretty good (despite--or maybe because of some STRIKING similarities to Star Wars) but the film version is hands-down one of the worst adaptations I've ever seen!

Why did they show Galbatorix? Why did he call the dragon egg a "stone?" Why was the voice casting for Saphira so horrible? Why were the Urgels humans? Was that really supposed to be Angela? How the hell did Brom cross all of Allegasia to save Eragon from that spear? What the hell was that smoke-dragon thing and why the hell was the shade riding it? Why were the Razak so easy to kill? How come Eragon only had a SINGLE lesson in magic and a SINGLE lesson in swordplay??? HOW IN THE HELL DID SAPHIRA GO FROM A BABY DRAGON TO A FULL-GROWN DRAGON IN ONE LITTLE FLASH OF LIGHT???!

God, that movie SUCKED! It hurt even more because I've been so pumped about Dragons all semester. I even dragged some of my Pratt friends with me on the last day of school to see it.


Alec Dec19

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