Homeward Bound...

Wed 12/20/2006

Maybe it's lame to ruin the surprise, but I needed an image for this blog entry... So...

Yeah, I finally finished "People, Places, Things #2" which is currently winging its way to all of the Phase 7 subscribers. I'm not sure how it's possible, but it took me almost 14 hours on Monday to print out all of the copies, fold them, staple them, stamp them and then address the 100+ envelopes, put stamps on them and walk them out to the mailbox. So much for a restful break I guess!

Luckily I head home tomorrow (or... later today). My mom called to say that they still don't have any power after that horrible wind-storm that ravaged the Pacific Northwest last week. One of our really big trees in the back yard fell down, luckily missing the house, our back deck and the neighbors house. I guess it felled another tree and went through a hedge though... (hopefully I can get a picture of this to better explain) But yeah... That's five days with no electricity, and it's been going into the 20s at night. And the power is not supposed to come back on until Saturday. So let's just say this: I'm going to pack a sweater!

Freezing house aside, it's going to be great to be home and to see my family (minus Courtney, who is back in Eritrea again--ugh). I'm also really looking forward to my trip down to Portland for New Years to see all of my friends. West Coast here I come!!!

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Wait for it... Wait for it... (Longstreth walks through the door) Boo-ya!!! See you in the NW soon, hombre.

grizzo Dec22

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