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Fri 12/22/2006

Well, I'm home. And as promised, here are some pictures of our fallen tree. November had the highest recorded rainfall in the history of Seattle, which sort of loosened up the soil, then when the 90+ mile per hour winds arrived last week, the trees just toppled over, since their roots had nothing but squishy ground to grip. It's hard to tell in this photo, but that torn-up root system at the base of the tree is about 7 feet in diameter. And by my estimate the tree was well over 100 feet tall!

THANKFULLY it fell parallel to my parents house, missing the deck (which was smashed to pieces by two felled trees in the LAST giant wind storm ten years ago), went through their hedge, across our neighbor's yard and the very tip of it smashed part of their back terrace. Believe you me, it could have been A LOT worse. There were people on our block who had giant trees like this fall right through the center of their house.

Some guys with chainsaws came and sectioned it all up. I counted the rings and this tree was 111 years old, which is totally depressing. When we first moved into this house we used to have 9 massive trees and now there are only two left. Ugh!

Also, my parents are on DAY EIGHT with no power, which is pretty rough. It's been going down into the 20s at night, and at this point, during the day it's actually colder IN the house than outside! (??!) It doesn't help that yesterday was the shortest day of the year, with the "sun" (it's totally cloudy all day) going down at about 4pm. We've been going to sleep when my Dad gets home from work at about 9pm and we have to use like 4 blankets each to stay warm at night (I'm also sleeping in my winter coat, pants and a wool hat!)

I'm at our family friend's house now, The Engelbergs, because they have power and are out of town. This morning a crew with two big telephone-pole-digging trucks were at the top of our hill though, so hopefully we'll have power back tonight!

All in all, it's been a kind of bizarre trip home so far: Reading by candlelight in my sister's old room, bundled up against the cold, seeing my own breath inside the house! We decided we're not going to buy a tree this year because losing the big pine is ENOUGH of a tree slaughter!

Hopefully things will settle down once we get power back. My sister Galen is coming up from Portland tomorrow which will be cool. Yeah, um... so Happy Holidays from the beautiful Pacific Northwest!

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Candle light reading? Piles of blankets at night? Beard? Jesus, you're like Abraham Lincoln!

Matt Dec22

We had some of the same bad storms to deal with in Vancouver too. Had our power out for a day or so... Now we're hanging out with my folks in Alberta for the Holiday. Hope things warm-up for you guys real quick. Have a great Holiday!

Cam Dec23

Thanks guys! UPDATE: We got our power back tonight! WOO!!! Electricity is SO AWESOME!!!

Alec Dec23

holy crapoly!

Sprenke Dec23

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