Happy Christmas!

Tue 12/26/2006

I don't know how it started, but a for a few years in a row my sister Galen decided to jump in Lake Washington on Christmas Day. Some years I join her, some years I don't and for the last couple of years I don't think any of us have gone in. But as you can see here, we decided to go for it this year!

Don't be fooled by our smiles and thumbs up. That water is COLD!!! (It's just that we're so tough....)

My Dad is on call this month, and there are A LOT of sick people in the hospital :( so we woke up REALLY early to "open" our stockings (I got some books!) and then we all went back to bed and my Dad went off to work. We jumped in the lake and watched a movie and then in the afternoon opened presents and stuff.

With the storm and power outage and my sister Courtney being in Eritrea it sort of felt like a strange Christmas. The one great thing though, was that we ended up buying a LIVE Christmas tree, so in a couple of days we can take the ornaments off of it and plant it in the back yard! One tree down, and one back in the ground!

I've got a few more days at home and then I'm off to Portland to hang out with all my friends! Happy Christmas!

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hope you have a great time dude...you deserve it!...

jason Dec28

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