Thu 1/4/2007

After almost a whole week in Portland, I'm back in Seattle for just one day before I leave tonight to head back to The City That Never Sleeps.

I had a super-awesome trip down to Portland. My sister Galen lives down there now, so between her, my college friends and my comics friends, I had a lot of people to hang out with!

The first night I stayed with Gabe in his swanky downtown apartment. I got to meet his flatmate Brian who is really nice and their cat Max, who is quite possibly the coolest cat I've ever met (Mostly because he is a DOG in a cat's body. He fetches, comes when he's called, loves to be pet, never scratches, etc. etc.) Greg and Grizzo both came over and we all stayed up super late talking and telling stories. The photo here was taken at 7am the next morning as the sun rose over Portland. Gabe has a pretty awesome view. (a SUNRISE, Get it??? It's a total metaphor for the new year! ;)

We spent the whole next day getting ready for the party, which was being held at Stephanie's house this year. We moved all of her furniture and rugs and stuff out to the garage and then loaded in a few truck fulls of stuff from Gabe's apartment. Then we made a $200+ CostCo run for supplies and booze.

That night Frunch & Gwyn arrived from California. It was so good to see them! It had been a year and a half since I had seen Gwyn (?!) I gave Gabe and Frunch some REALLY nice framed photos of Dr. Dvorak (printed off the original 1932 negatives from The Museum of History and Industry archives in Seattle!) which I think is one of the nicest gifts I've ever given. It feels really good to give an awesome gift; to know that we'll have these up on our walls for the rest of our lives, as a reminder to fight the good fight for poor, forgotten Dr. Dvorak...

Anyways, after a nice dinner we all ended up at Grizzo's apartment playing Wii sports which was totally addictive and fun. If LucasArts makes a lightsaber game for the Wii I might have to break down and buy my first-ever console... Though that would also involve buying a TV... Anyhow, I ended up staying at Grizzo's that night which was awesome. For a long time Grizzo was only "Gabe's Friend" that I knew. But now we are totally just our own friends who can hang out one-on-one and have a good time. Grizzo is one of a kind.

The next day I split from the GCB crowd to hang out with my Comics buddies. Greg had an extra bike waiting for me so Nate biked over and then the three of us pedaled all over town. We went to breakfast, saw Bwana's new Grass Hut shop, biked up to Nate's new studio and then ended up in a coffee shop where we did some drawing. It was this clear, crisp, beautiful day and riding around on bikes made me so happy. Talk about a great way to get around! There is such a feeling of accomplishment when you get over a big hill and just having the wind blowing in your face... Man. What a treat!

So anyways, that night was the big New Years bash, which was very successful this year. There were fewer people than previous years (a good thing - less crappy strangers) and the people who WERE there, were quality folk. I saw some people I hadn't seen in a long time and in general had a good time. As usual, I spent most of the night in the Nintendo room (with a projecter set up this year, casting a HUGE picture on the wall!) doing my best to get us through Mario 3 (I got to about world 3). Though, at the urging of Greg, Brian, Frunch and Gwyn and my sister, I made a rare appearance on the dance floor, which was a first for me on New Years eve. A little after 1am Greg, Galen and I hopped on our bikes to head home, but I guess the party continued until about 5am when Grizzo finally passed out in the Nintendo room, trying to beat world 6.

The next day, as you could probably guess, was mostly cleaning up, taking truckloads of crap back to Gabe's place, reassembling Stephanie's house, etc. etc. That night I hung out a little bit more with Frunch & Gwyn who were leaving the next day.

On my last day in Portland I went drawing again with Nate and then spent the rest of my time with Galen. I got to see her new apartment which is in a really neat part of town (right by the library!) I started to feel kind of sick though, so we took it pretty easy. I'm still feeling a bit under the weather today, so I canceled some stuff that I was going to try and get done before I left. Instead I'm going to eat soup and watch movies with the hopes that I'll be healthier by the time I have to get on that plane tonight!

All in all this has been an awesome trip home. Sickness aside, I feel totally refreshed and energized for my last semester at Pratt and another long stint in New York. 2007 here I come!

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AW, that picture of you and Greg is hell of cute. I wish I could've jammed out some mario three with you guys.

Liz Jan04

There are a ton MORE pictures of my trip to Portland over in Greg's Flickr Account too!

Alec Jan05

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