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Tue 1/9/2007

I feel like 2007 is going to be a big year for me in terms of focusing on my future and trying to figure out how to accomplish my goals. That being said, I have decided on this image to accompany the newly generated 2007 archive page of my blog. (I actually cheated and just reused my "chi-focusing" image so sue me!)

Anyways, that's not what this post is about! NO! I'm ACTUALLY writing to let you all know that three exciting things have happened over in the Comics section of this very site:

1) People, Places, Things #2 is now officially available for PayPal ordering. It costs $1 and there is a charge of 50 cents for shipping. Cheap!

2) People, Places, Things #1 can now be "read" (or "looked at" I guess) in its entirety, online. This book quietly went out of print when it's older sister, #2 hit the streets, so now this is the only place to see these drawings!


3) SNEAK PREVIEW!!! I've posted the first six pages of PHASE 7 #011 for anyone who wants to check them out. This excerpt kicks off the second part of "Transition" and explains the mysterious origins of the title "PHASE 7." There are another 46 pages following these six, so don't worry, you won't spoil the issue by reading too much! Also, enjoy these while you can! Because it's all I'm going to post until the issue comes out this summer...


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