Thu 1/18/2007

As some of you might have noticed, my (usually very reliable) webhosting company was having some IP Network Card issues today, which not only meant my site was down all day, but also that I lost the last week's worth of updates, comments and changes to the site (of which there were MANY!) WEEEEEEEEEE!

Remember kids, always back up your data!

And so, with that same drained feeling you get when you lose a long email and have to re-write it, I will now procede to recap the last two blog entries which were deleted. If for some reason you missed them, read on!

The image you see to the right here was accompanied by a blog entry all about how I hadn't left my apartment in over a week.

If you didn't read it, you didn't miss much. The funniest part was when I got back from Seattle after a nice long break and then I almost had a panic attack in the chaos of a crowded Brooklyn post office. After that I stayed inside for the rest of the week, drawing. In 8 days I completed 10% of Phase 7 #011, sometimes inking two pages a day!

The main reason I was pushing so hard, was to get "back on track" with that project, so it will not stress me out at the end of this school year (a time which is shaping up to be plenty stressful on its own!)

Then there was a more recent post saying that I have started my last semester at Pratt. It included my new schedule, which I will retype again:

  • Advertising Illustration
  • Children's Book Illustration (Woo!)
  • Illustration IV
  • Painting IV
  • Portfolio Development and Business Procedures
  • Drawing IV
  • Editorial Illustration

Lastly I made a bunch of ominous comments about future top secret things that I have been working on, which will be revealed eventually... Mwa haa haaa!

Okay... I think that's it! Let's hope this old clunker stays afloat!

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