Helicopters & Skype: both totally crazy.

Sat 11/27/2004

Okay, so first of all: HELICOPTERS. There is this huge landing pad area just outside the Martha Stewart office where there are helicopters taking off and landing all day. So during my lunch hour I sit and watch helicopters flying around. And I don't really think I have ever paid them much attention before because I'm now realizing that helicopters are CRAAAAAAZY.

Not only are they crazy because they can fly in *ANY* direction at ANY time, but they also just seem really fast and unpredictable. You know? When they come in for a landing it looks so CHAOTIC and uncontrolled. Like a jet has to fly FORWARD and then you can adjust rudders and whatnot to adjust it to the right, left, up or down. And if a plane runs out of fuel, it'll still coast, you know? Sure, you'll have a crash landing, but it'll still GO. With the foil shape of the wings the plane creates lift just by going forward. But a HELICOPTER? I mean, if a helicopter runs out of fuel?--AHHHHH! It's incredible to me that helicopters aren't just crashing ALL THE TIME. Talk about a space-age invention!

Second of all: lately I've been freaking out about INTERNET PHONE PROGRAMS. My Dad told me about this program called "Skype" which I downloaded which lets you talk into your computer like a phone to other people over the internet. FOR FREE. I "called" my friend Lindsay *IN JAPAN* (10,000 miles away) and talked to her for AN HOUR for FREE. !!?! All with this free program and the built-in hardware on my mac. And then my friend Nate showed me how apple's program "iChat" already has this funcitonality built in.

It's just MIND BOGGLING. I mean, if I had had this back in college I literally could have saved THOUSANDS of dollars talking to long-distance girlfriends, or in Australia I could have stayed in touch with people FOR FREE. Anyways, it kicks ass and people should check it out.

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