7.5 points of interest (maybe?)

Wed 2/21/2007

1) As some of you might have noticed, my website went down AGAIN today. And once again I lost about a week of updates. (GRRRRRR....) Luckily, I had backed up the giant database just yesterday. So Nate helped me get everything back onto the site, which was a bit terrifying. What is this site without Nate's constant help? That's right... NOTHING.

1.5) It's funny how when I couldn't update my site, I really wanted to...

2) I am going to be at the New York Comic Con on Saturday, at the Indie Spinner Rack table. I'll be selling books (all proceeds go to ISR!) and signing stuff if people want me to? Or I'll draw you a picture or something. Swing by!

3) I found out today that Carolyn has a blog. Who knew?!

4) I did my taxes! And... remember how I thought I might break even with Phase 7 this year? Uh...yeah. Not so much (...to the tune of NEGATIVE $1300!) Plus that doesn't include the COUNTLESS hours of sitting at my drawing board, or folding and stapling minicomics, or filling out orders, etc. etc. etc. Maybe next year, right? As Marcos Perez says, "Making Comics is an awesome way to lose money!" :)

5) Wednesday is my new Saturday. It is my only day off during the week and let me tell you: in New York, doing laundry and going to the "human fuel store" is a lot more fun on Wednesday than on Saturday.

6) Epiphany #1,138: When I get home from school and the sun is still up, I now go to a coffee shop with a window, and work on homework until the sun goes down. THEN I go home and stay up all night doing homework in my windowless studio. I'm not sure why it has taken me this long to figure this out, but it has improved my mood immensely these past couple of days. I like the sun probably more than I ever have these days.

7) I wish listening to music really loud wasn't bad for your ears. Listening to weezer at 1 is not the same thing as listening to weezer at 10. I know my hearing is important, but sometimes I just have to turn it up. It changes the music for me. It turns mediocre songs into awesome songs and it turns awesome songs into EPIC songs. I'm looking at it this way: some people drink too much and do drugs and watch TV, I eat candy and listen to rock music way too loud sometimes. I'll be an old, deaf man with dentures....assuming I get there. Phase 7 #100 here I come!!!

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Sorry I lost your wonderful comments Arlene :(...

Alec Feb22

Darn it!

Arlene Feb22

Wait! I found a backed-up version in my email! Here's what Arlene said originally:

1. Yay Nate!
1.5 ho-ho
2. Cool!
3. Neat!
4. Ah! That's what I forgot!
5. So true.
6. Ahh! Can't wait for spring!
7. So you'll get a hearing aid.

Alec Feb22

...And the good people of the Internets breathed a heavy sigh of relief.


Arlene Feb22

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