I'm like a vampire, only in reverse

Sat 3/3/2007

I saw on my computer the other night that it was raining (no windows, remember?) I had a P7 package to send out, so even though it was like 2am and I was working on stuff, I took a little break and walked out to the mailbox in just a T-shirt and soaked in some rain, which felt really good.

Where I grew up it rained A LOT, but it still amazes me that water can fall from the sky. Really think about that for a second... Think how heavy a gallon of water is, then think of THOUSANDS OF GALLONS OF WATER somehow being up in the AIR and then it all falls back down to earth. !!?! AMAZING!

Today was really warm and clear and beautiful, so after waking up early and painting for a few hours I took a long walk to the coffee shop, where I sat in front of a window and got a lot of work done. It's funny to leave the house with the specific goal of soaking in as much sunlight as possible. I crossed the streets to walk on the sunny side, and picked the sunniest spot in the coffee shop, etc. etc.

Then, as soon as the sun started to go down, I packed up my stuff and headed home, to work on things that I can only do in my studio. I felt a bit like a vampire, only I crawl back into my coffin when the sun goes DOWN instead of UP. But also I'm not dead? and I don't want to drink blood... (Though there is a neck or two I wouldn't mind biting...) I don't know! It's not a very good metaphor! (Or simile?) Good grief! I'm going to go draw Comics...

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Just so long as you don't immolate in sunlight.

You know what's cool like rain? Hail. Balls of ice, In the sky.

You know, it's flabbergasted me since I was a little kid when people say science takes the wonder out of stuff. If magic existed, then it would be easy and boring to make hail. But that there's actually a reasonable explanation for baseball sized balls forming in mid air? I'm sorry, can that get cooler?

Precipitation + thinking about it= awesome.

Matt Mar04

Eclipses are wicked awesome too, eh? I thought about those primitive people that thought a huge snake was swallowing the moon, so they beat their drums to scare it off!

Ah...good primitive times.

Arlene Mar04

Matt- I agree, Hail is even crazier to think about than rain. MAN!

Arlene- I didn't know about the eclipse last night. I was totally bummed to hear that I had missed it :(

Alec Mar04

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