Or maybe I'm like a Zombie...

Wed 3/7/2007

Except instead of constantly being not-dead, I'm constantly not-asleep. Anyways, I have FELT like a zombie for the past couple of days. My combined total of sleep for Sunday and Monday nights was only 6 hours. (Ugggggggggggggh)

The hard work is paying off though, I think. I just uploaded a bunch of new stuff that I've been working on, if people want to check it out. I'm through the worst of this week and Spring Break starts Friday, thank god.

Originally I was going to write a post with my tips for pulling an all-nighter, but now (ironically) I'm too tired. So instead I'll plug some really cool stuff I keep forgetting to mention:

1) When Bone ended, I pretty much stopped checking Boneville.com. So I was surprised when I ended up there the other day and it had been COMPLETELY overhauled. Jeff's blog is pretty amazing and I'm totally ashamed to say I had no idea he just wrapped up a WORLD TOUR. (!!?!) How out of touch am I???

2) Drawn (an Illustration Blog) is one of the few sites that I check every day. And last week I followed some links and ended up on the personal site of its creator, John Martz. It's too bad that guy lives up in Canada, because he seems like someone I could totally hang out with. His first listed influence is Jim Henson, he loves comics and he posts movie reviews in his blog... IN VERSE.

3) I put a notice up on the Comics Page, but just so everyone knows, Robyn Chapman, Aaron Renier and I will be teaching the week-long Create Comics Workshop II this summer at The Center For Cartoon Studies. So if you are interested, sign up! We're going to make some awesome Comics and It is really nice in Vermont in the summer. The ice cream can't be beat!

4) Life is totally awesome. (I'm so glad I'm not a real zombie!!!)

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Hee...you should draw in some brains in your beard...

Matt Mar07

Yeah, originally I had my head cracked open too, and showing brains, because Zombies have already been killed by other Zombies, right?

I thought about looking up reference, but then it felt like homework and the point was to do the whole thing in 15 minutes!

Alec Mar07

Life is brilliant!

Get some rest dammit!

Arlene Mar08

and the sign will be...


grizzo Mar08

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