7 sketchbooks down, many to go...

Thu 3/8/2007

Well, I finished off my seventh sketchbook today. What a relief! I really hated this sketchbook... The paper was too smooth, it bled like crazy. It made me draw faster than I wanted to, with less detail and perhaps aided the early demise of my beloved red rapidograph.

It was only 100 pages, but it took me about 15 months to fill (roughly a page every 5 days?) Most of it was loose sketches and stick figure comics, documenting my life. This past week I've been reading back through it, as I came closer and closer to finishing it off. It's been a crazy year and a half...

Sometimes I imagine what it will be like for someone to read through all of my sketchbooks in order, someday long after I'm dead. The final pages of this one will definitely provide a surprise ending for that reader! :)

Anyways, it will feel good to put it on the shelf and forget about all that stuff. I've got sketchbook #008 set up and ready to go. I can't wait to spend some time over Spring Break breaking it in!

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Great! I hope you enjoy Spring Break, Alec.

Arlene Mar09

do you make your own books? this one looks homemade.

Zack - No, this one was store bought, though I learned how to make sketchbooks this last semester. I'm definitely going to make my next, NEXT sketchbook (#009) I've got the paper all picked out, I'm saving some good book plates and I think I'm going to cover the front with the tattered remains of my favorite flannell shirt. :)

Alec Mar10

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